Life In Plastic: Toys I Look Forward To (2013)

Hey, everybody!  It’s been a surprisingly good year for toys, and as we go into June, and thus the second half of 2013, it promises to be bigger!  Since it’s before SDCC, there’s still a decent amount of mystery for this year – but even then, there’s a whole lot of stuff that we DO know.  So, what am I looking forward to for the second half of 2013?  This list will ignore any vintage stuff I’m going after, since that is always a factor…




This is probably no surprise, since I just posted an article about her.  I was on the fence over Octavia for a little while – you know, lack of nostalgic connection and all that – but then logic and sense hit me.  Octopus gal, ahoy!



Even though he was an idiot in the cartoon, I can’t help but love Mantenna’s design – and the 100% new tooling doesn’t hurt, either.  Mantenna is just a cool figure, and if he manages to come out of the gate without any major QC issues, all the better!



I’ve already posted about this lady before, but hey – He-Man’s Lovecraftian shadow sorceress would be a really great addition to my toy shelf.  It’s funny, I usually shy away from female action figures because of the creep factor, but here I am grabbing so many in 2013…



Iron Man Mk. 42

I think this guy is supposed to be out.  Hopefully.  But I still haven’t found one yet!  I really loved Iron Man 3, and would appreciate a figure of the “main” armor from the movie… or at least one that’s better than the Assemblers figure we have now.  Ideally, I would love a good 3 3/4″ Marvel universe figure, but that might not happen.


The Mandarin




Alien Warrior

This counts both for the original and the variants, including the paint variant in an upcoming 2-pack.  The more Aliens, the better – especially since NECA hasn’t given us one in years, and it would be nice to get some hat utilize their modern quality control.  The upcoming Warrior looks really, really awesome, and I can’t wait to get one!


Albino Predator

I may not be attending San Diego Comic Con, but I’ve got a friend who’s promised to scout this guy out for me – my obsession with Predators is not exactly a secret, and I just love the color combo. Extra props to NECA for recognizing that albino reptiles and amphibians still have some orange coloring, too.


Trophy Case

I am a sucker for dioramas (look at my photostream), and this?  This is a dream.  A good dream.  I’m missing a few of the skulls (like that Xenomorph head), but I have stuff to make up for it.  And I cannot wait to add this to my shelf display!


Nightstorm Predator

To be honest, I love all of the upcoming Predators figures – Muddy Arnold, Half-Cloaked Predator, and the whole NECA wave.  But out of all of them, this is the guy who stands out the most.  He’s a flawless update of an old figure, and an incredible design on his own – what is he?  Some sort of judge or ruling class?  Nightstorm looks more elite than the actual elites from the movies, and I can’t wait to snag one for myself.



You know, I have no idea if Pacific Rim will turn out to actually be a good movie.  But I know that I love monsters, and I’m in these things for Godzilla, and Knifehead looks like a really awesome tribute to Gamera’s foe, Guiron.  Or Hock from Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad.  Or Gregole from The Guyver.


Bioshock Infinite – The Patriot


I want.



Universe of Violence

Eric Nilla and Jimmy Rommel’s indy line has only grown more awesome as the year has progressed, and their upcoming stuff is no different – well yeah, just look at his newest offering, FRANKENCTHULHU.  I can’t wait to see what’s coming up in the second half of 2013!


Gorewads & Other Ironhaus Offerings

Jimmy Rommel promised to create 50 unique figures this year, and he’s actually AHEAD of schedule.  Aside from the stuff he does with Eric Nilla, he also has more Gorewads, more Micro-Bastards, more than one unique line, and just an incredible amount of stuff.  I love his work, and so should you!


OMFG Series 3

Sure, The Outlandish Mini Figure Guys have practically gone commercial by now, and Series 2 was kind of a letdown, but Series 3 looks great, especially with the Bogleech creation!  Series 4 looks like it could be good, too, but let’s not put the cart before the horse.


Club Mordle

What are Mordles, you ask? They were weird little companio figures in an incredibly obscure ’80s toy line that was awesome, and now commands insane prices.  So, this guy named John kent bought the rights to make a new toy line based on the Mordles, and if you’re really curious, you can subscribe to Club Mordle Here.  But they look awesome!



Pathfinder Battles:  Skull & Shackles

I really should do an article on D&D Minis’ off-brand counterpart.  Pathfinder miniatures had a rocky start, but they’ve improved quite a bit – and their next set has WERESHARKS and SEA TROLLS and a lot of awesome aquatic stuff that we just never got from D&D.

So, there you go – small stuff, big stuff, and a lot of Predators.  Again, this doesn’t count things I pick up after they’ve been out for a while, but that’s my personal list of stuff I’m looking forward to.

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