Karl Urban gets grumpy in Almost Human.

Look how dreamy he is when he scowls *swoons*

Look how dreamy he is when he scowls *swoons*

Karl Urban- Check. Grumpy cop in the future – Check. Looks like I found my new show this year folks.

I’m not sure if its the smoldering good looks and grumpy demeanor, the fact that its from J.J Abrams and some of the producers of Fringe or just the fact that it looks pretty interesting, but I’m hoping for great things from Foxs new sci-fi show Almost Human.
The year is 2048 and Karl Urban is a robot hating cop forced to take on a robotic leg after an accident, and saddled with a robot partner who starts to feel emotions. Just the kind of goofy plot I love. Check out the trailer for more info.

Almost Human is one of a raft of pilot show that Fox have picked up this year. Hopefully it will do well as the competition is hardly fierce (Robin Williams: the TV show and Sleepy Hollow anyone?), but I also recognize that outside of those who know and adore him, hes a rather unknown actor.

Its also obligatory that I mention that Fox cancelled Firefly so must hate all sci-fi shows ever. For some reason. It will cheer up a certain grumpy robot I know, I’m sure.

*Seriously, there is an action film star whose name is Karl Urban. Thats just badass

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