FanFiction Friday: WWE in “A Very Sexxxy Royal Rumble”, Part 2

Sorry about not properly continuing this last week. Personal life is a bitch. Part One is here. Let’s just start, shall we?

Note: This story contain graphic attempts at describing sexual interxourse, usually between humans, but occasionally between other sentient creatures. It is very stupid. Reader Discretion is Advised.

Royal Rumble Match – Part Two

The madness continued whilst the commercials were airing. Two new participants entered the Rumble during the break. Wade Barrett and John Cena both entered during the break, and the crowd went crazy for them. With a select few exceptions, there weren’t any major stars in the Rumble. The leader of the original Nexus and the leader of the CeNation had changed that. The Rumble was starting to get more serious. They were already creating huge impacts after entering within such a short period of time.

With their cocks, of course.

Side note, With Their Cocks would be an awesome band name. Just sayin’.

In what was a little Nexus reunion, Heath Slater was riding away at Wade, making sure to bump and grind when appropriate, to elicit those seductive roars of passion fro the aroused Englishman. To Heath, those bumps and those grinds were purely to gain an orgasm from his competition. To Wade, he was damn sure that Heath was doing those bumps and grinds just so he could get into Wade’s good books, again, and try to relive the good ol’ days.

Right around the time I stopped watching? Okay. Just making sure.

“Oh Heath…you make it so bloody obvious that you want me. I can tell from a mile away!” Wade’s thick, English accent almost made Heath shiver. Those words may not have been true, but one thing that Heath did miss was the hot, English accent. Sure there was Drew and his Scottish accent, but he didn’t have that gruff, manly English accent that Wade had.

I can agree with Heath on this one.

“Man, y’all serious? Y’all so wish I was with you.” Heath chuckled. That was what Wade missed from the redhead. Wade missed that lustful, Southern drawl. He missed Heath’s deep chuckle. He missed quite a lot of things about Heath’s voice, and how he used it.

“I don’t need to wish to know that you miss me.” Wade smirked. He could see Heath’s manhood slightly throbbed. The Brit could see that an elimination would soon occur, and he was determined to be the cause of it. “I know that you missed my big bloody British cock. I knew that you missed me stroking your nice Southern cock.” And so, the ravenette’s large palm would wrap around the redhead’s thick girth. Heath moaned. That was enough to send him over the limit. He couldn’t handle any more pleasure. Semen raced from Slater’s piss-slit, and landed all over Wade’s stomach. Just like that, two thirds of 3MB had already been eliminated.

Elimination #11 – Heath Slater

Really? There is a Tag-Team named 3MB? WWE needs better writers, bad.

Just like Wade, Cena was already making huge waves within five minutes of his entry into the Rumble. Cody Rhodes could confirm this.

Despite his ‘holier than thou’ attitude he held towards Cena and every other irritatingly smiley babyface on the roster, the moustachioed man had to admit that bouncing on Cena’s impeccably large cock was heaven. Cena had the perfect blend of raw power and pure agility. He was a better lover than Damien Sandow, and even a better fucker than Randy Orton.

…”better fucker”? Shouldn’t that be “better fuck”?

I… I can’t believe I just thought that. I AM UNCLEAN.

Cody’s frequent expression of bliss and desire through his slutty cries were only a smidgeon of the joy that his insides were receiving. Cena chuckled. This wasn’t the first time that he banged Cody, and this wasn’t the first time that Cody moaned like a two dollar hooker, but he could tell that Cody really needed the pounding he was getting. Cena thought that he may as well throw a little humour into the mix, just to try and tease Cody a little.

“Man, you sound you needed this. Am I that good or is Damien that bad?” Cena said with a laugh.

Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes defeated Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara3


“Shut up…Cena!” It was almost a struggle for the ravenette. Cena was so deep inside his ass, that Cody almost forgot the name of the man who was fucking him.

“Not denying it, huh?” Cena smiled. “If you want it, Cody, you simply just have to say it. I ain’t got no grudge with you.”

“I’m telling you…stop…stop…please! Just…stop!” The frequent pauses came from whenever Cena’s thick head rubbed against his sweet spot. Heaven had never been so good for Cody to visualise until now. His erection went from just an erection to a wildly throbbing erection in a matter of seconds. He knew that Cena was a bad move…but getting to eliminate Cena? That would be amazing! It was a big gamble for Cody to pull off, but unfortunately for him, it was not a successful gamble. Cena would not stop with his immensely powerful, hard-hitting plunges, despite Cody’s pleads to stop this heavenly experience.

It wouldn’t take too long before Cody would scream out a release of epic proportions. With John Cena, a throbbing erection never lasted long. Once it throbbed, there would only be a very short wait before an ejaculation would follow. This was the case, and a batch of semen emerged from Cody’s piss-slit, all over Cena’s pelvic area. The young moustachioed man was eliminated, and Damien hadn’t even entered yet. It was quite sad. Quite sad indeed.

“So sad that this fuckery ended. For one person. I envy him.”

Elimination #12 – Cody Rhodes

What was even sadder for the dashing Georgian was that once he eventually got out of the ring, he soon saw who was the next entry for the Rumble. His mood went from bad to worse, after the buzz sounded, when he could see the man who would soon run down that ramp.

Participant #20 – Damien Sandow

Colin Farrell Disgusted

The old-fashioned, yet strangely harmonious Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah Part II could not have pierced the brief silence at a worse moment in time. Cody’s frown heightened in length and width dramatically from the sighting of his good friend.

Sandow also frowned, albeit his notably wasn’t as large as Cody’s. Unlike Cody, Damien hadn’t been eliminated yet. He hadn’t even gotten into the ring yet, but he wanted to briefly console and converse with his close ally. He just had to.

“There, there, Cody. I guarantee that I shall rightfully avenge your elimination from the Royal Rumble. I wholly recommend that you place your faith entirely in myself, dear Cody.”


Rhodes smiled. At least Damien made an effort to cheer him up, as opposed to just ignoring Cody completely and running into the ring. He was hoping that Damien’s words were words of truth, but he just couldn’t convince himself of that. He was hoping desperately for Damien to prove him wrong.

Thankfully for Damien, he had a whole lot more confidence in himself about his chances of victory than Cody had. After his encounter with Cody, Damien had nothing in his mind but emerging victorious, and representing the greatness of Team Rhodes Scholars.

Is that really what they’re called? FOR FUCKS SAKE, WWE.

Sprinting to the ring, he would find the person who he deemed to be the most worthy of orally worshiping his thick length. That person looked to be Wade Barrett. At least he wasn’t moronic, like the imbeciles that mostly filled the ring.

“Mr. Barrett.” The Brit’s attention was caught. He looked behind to see Damien. “Would you be interested in a session of fellatio, out of interest?”

“Depends on who’s giving it and who’s receiving it.” The Brit smirked.

“Well, I was of course thinking that you should provide a service to me…if you want an ejaculation from myself, that is.”

Now the Englishman was faced with a dilemma. Drop down to his knees and feel his dominance subside as he worked for an orgasm from Sandow, or keep his dominance and reject Damien’s suggestion. He had to think hard and quickly. In the end, Wade eventually decided that an elimination was more important than his dominance. He could always regain dominance, but once a Royal Rumble elimination made its way onto the history books, that could not be modified.


“When you put it like that, Damien, it sounds like an offer I can’t bloody refuse.” The European continued to smirk, as he sank to his knees, much to the shock of the audience. “You’re gonna be cummin’ in bloody minutes because of my perfect mouth.” And so, Wade would quickly engulf the intellectual whole, in which he was repaid with a chorus of moans that oozed pleasure and sophistication.



Meanwhile, in another side of the ring, and the Diva’s Champion was surprisingly almost at her limit of pleasure. Then again, she was getting pleasured by two top Superstars in the form of Chris Jericho and Sheamus. Whilst the former fucked her pussy with his almighty Canadian cock, the latter fucked her in the same hole with his experienced tongue, whilst his ginger moustache rubbed against her wet folds. It was perfectly understandable as to why Kaitlyn was feeling in such a state.

Both men powered deep inside her pussy, making sure that the woman hit every high-pitched note that expressed her desire and gratification for what powerfully penetrated her soaking wet cunt.

Kaitlyn wanted to hold off on an orgasm, and simply enjoy the pleasure she was being given in large doses, but alas, she didn’t get exactly what she wanted. She continued to get fucked by Jericho’s big cock and Sheamus’ large tongue, but it would come at a cost. Her juices would gush out of her pussy, but that didn’t stop from Sheamus from collecting as many droplets as possible. Once she would feel the men stop thrusting into her rose bud, she knew that her time was up. At least she had a blast with two hot, friendly guys.

Elimination #13 – Kaitlyn

I’m far from an expert, but would the ref even be able to tell when the, uh, “Diva’s” came? Is it obvious? Because it seems like it would be easy for them to cheat.

Although another elimination had transpired, that was soon to be made up by the next entrant, who was almost on their way. The only thing that restricted them from entering was the countdown, but once that clock reached zero, the competitor would then have no restrictions from running into the ring and getting in on the action.

Participant #21 – Daniel Bryan

Over two-thirds of the participants had entered the Rumble, but over half of those were already eliminated. Daniel was determined not to be one of them. He was determined not to be eliminated. He was determined to win, even if that meant making his own partner climax. Daniel would do what it took to gain a victory over his twenty nine opponents.

Sprinting to the ring, the bearded man would set his eyes on the man who cost him his World Heavyweight Title back in WrestleMania 28: Sheamus.

Would you really want to fuck the person who beat the shit out of you in front of a bunch of people just to take a belt? I wouldn’t.

Even though the Irishman was currently occupied with Jericho, it didn’t stop Daniel from setting his sights on Sheamus. Not in the slightest.

“Sheamus.” Daniel would simply say. It was enough to gain the redhead’s attention.

“Well if it ain’t Danny boy. What ya want fella?” Sheamus cracked a laugh. Jericho was too busy riding Sheamus with the impressive experience he had to even notice Daniel’s presence. Daniel failed to find the situation as humorous as it seemingly was to Sheamus. He pouted.

“I just wanted to say that I’m still mad at you.”

“What for?”


“Still? Lad, it’s been nearly a year now. Ya still gonna hold on to such a grudge against meh.”


“Yes.” Daniel’s pout would expand.

“And what exactly do yeh want meh to do, to try and fix that?”

“Well…my dick’s out…and your mouth’s free…I guess we could find a way to work out something.” It was amazing how quickly the little American man changed his facial expressions, from a pout of sadness to a smile of innocence. He edged closer to Sheamus, just to make his suggestion that much clearer.

“Honestly, the things that ah have to do to make yeh stop whining on these things.” The Irishman said with a slight smile, before he would envelop the Washingtonian whole in just one gulp. As Sheamus began to bob his head up and down, the clock counted down.

Ten…nine…eight…seven…six…five…four…three…two…one…z ero.

The next competitor was now on their way.

Participant #22 – Antonio Cesaro


The United States Champion was the third champion to enter the Rumble, after the Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett, and the Diva’s Champion, Kaitlyn. Antonio was confident that he could outlast both Wade and Kaitlyn. Heck, he was confident that he would win the Rumble. He knew there was a reason that no American could fully handle what Antonio Cesaro had to offer.

The Swiss native didn’t run to the ring, but he walked instead. He swaggered his way down, eyeing his competition. He eventually decided on a competitor. A lone competitor, who was giving Antonio a lustful glance. The competitor was lucky that Antonio was also giving them a lustful glance.

“Gail.” Antonio growled. His deep, dominant, domineering growl was enough to elicit quite the slutty reaction from the Asian woman.

“Claudio.” The name oozed seduction when it left her lips. Antonio frowned.

“That is not my name.” The Swiss said, as he stormed towards the TNA Knockout.

“It used to be, honey.” Gail’s hand slowly grabbed Cesaro’s thick, long length. “Don’t act unappreciative. At least I’m a woman who cares enough about wrestling to look at the Indies.”

I love this little joke about character and actor copyrights because AAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH

“You need to be silenced.” And so, the Swiss would silence the arrogant woman. When she opened her mouth to protest, that was when Antonio rammed his cock deep inside her mouth.

Gail handled his cock quite well. Although he used brute force and immense power, the veteran woman’s wrestler would only gag occasionally. She could thank AJ Styles for all the oral training that he managed to give to her. One of the many reasons that AJ Styles was the star of TNA.

Meanwhile, at the commentary table, Matt Striker and Josh Matthews stared on in envy, as Michael Cole looked to be having a whale of a time, as John Cena used all the skill he had to ride on the commentator’s lengthy tool.

“Don’t worry guys. I’m sure Cole’s gonna cum soon.” Cena smiled, as he looked at both Matt and Josh, and how sombre they looked when they knew they couldn’t get in on the action.

“I wouldn’t get my hopes up, John. I’ve still got a long way to go before I cum.” The eldest commentator said in a cocky manner. He just simply laid back, and allowed Cena to do all the work on his erect length.

“I highly doubt that you’ll be able to last much longer, Cole. Not with John Cena on your cock.” Striker said. He got a glare in response from Cole, as he turned his head over to the former teacher.

“Don’t be jealous, Striker, because I can outlast both you dweebs.”

Whilst the commentators looked to begin heated conversation with each other, Cena bounced away at Cole’s length. His eyes gazed at the countdown, and anticipated the next entry. The numbers sped down from ten all the way to zero. A lot of people said that time flied by when they had fun, and Cena could now fully understand that.

Well, yes, time does fly when one fellates. EXCEPT WHEN YOU FELATE THIS:

Participant #23 – Natalya

Like a majority of the other competitors who entered before her, the Anvilette wasted no time in running down to the ring. She was eager for this, and she was pumped to get in on the action. It was a good thing that Khali was cool with this, otherwise she’d feel guilty for participating.

Upon entering the ring, the blonde Canadian could feel herself be the recipient of a long, lustful gaze. She turned her head, and saw that it was a fellow blonde who checked her out.

“And what do you happen to be staring at, Mr. Ziggler?”

“Just checking out the competition.” The cocky blonde smirked. “You know…for Khali’s girl, you’re actually pretty hot.”


“And what is that supposed to mean, mister?” Natalya asked, with a scowl present on her face.

“Exactly what it sounds like. For somebody who’s going out with Khali, you’re not ugly. I’m impressed with him, and disappointed with you.” The blonde man said, before he would slowly inch closer and closer to the blonde woman, until their bodies almost made contact. “You probably haven’t had an attractive person fuck you before, have you?” His voice was low, husky and soft. It made Natalya extremely aroused, even with his pompous attitude.

“You are rude. Very, very rude.”

“But true.” Dolph continued to smirk. It made Natalya want to punch him, but also unleash all of her lust on him. “You aren’t denying it.”

Do people do this? Fuck people who insult them? Is this normal?

“You need to settle your tea kettle, mister. All I feel for you is pity. Nothing more, nothing less. Got it?” Natalya asked, slowly stroking the length of Ziggler’s floppy length.

“If pity’s what you wanna call it, then go on ahead.” A grin would make itself known on the face of Ziggler, as he could feel Natalya eventually upgrade her methods of giving pleasure. Instead of her palm that caressed Dolph’s hardening tool, it was now her mouth. Dolph loved every little second of it.

In another corner of the ring, and Wade was continuing to try and work an orgasm from the Intellectual Saviour of the Masses. He continued to suck and slurp on Damien’s length. It wasn’t something he was particularly willing to do, but hearing the rich moans of pleasure emerge from Damien’s mouth fuelled Wade to bob with more enthusiasm.

But, there was only a certain amount of bobbing that Wade could give, before he would eventually grow bored of providing a satisfactory blowjob to Sandow. He wanted to earn an orgasm from his competition through another way. It would make him submissive, but the orgasm would be worth it.

After a few further moments of sucking the bearded American’s cock, Wade would offer a proposition to Sandow that he was confident the latter could not refuse. “Fuck me. I don’t care how you do it. Just bloody fuck me hard.”

Sandow’s smirk looked evil and malicious. The seemingly endless ways that he could take Wade’s heat by force. The slutty moans that would be heard by people outside the arena. The visual imagery that rushed to his head. Sandow could almost feel his erection throb, just from those lustful words. “It would be a pleasure.” And so, the smaller man would proceed to force the larger man onto his back. It would only be a short matter of time before Damien would access Wade’s heat, much to the surprise of the latter.

And so, as Wade would begin to feel the intellectual access deep inside his tight hole, he wondered why it was ever a good idea to give up his dominance. The pain wasn’t worth it. He moaned in pain, as Damien’s thick girth stretched his walls. Not even the buzz sounded from the countdown could snap him out of this world of pain. He didn’t even realise that another competitor was about to arrive.

Participant #24 – Kane


The second and final member of Team Hell No had now officially entered the Rumble. He wasn’t as agile as Bryan had been in making his way to the ring, as evident by how slow he walked. But that didn’t stop the audience, as well as Bryan, from anticipating the Big Red Monster’s participation in the Rumble. Everybody who gazed at the monster wanted to know what he was capable of, especially with such a large amount of competition in the ring at one time.

“Big Red Monster” now takes on a whole new meaning…

But for Kane, it wasn’t about the numbers. It wasn’t about the number of competitors that were currently in the match, nor was it about the number of competitors left to still enter the Rumble. It was Bryan that was on his mind.

That darn, small goatface was stuck in Kane’s mind. Perhaps that was just an effect of teaming with that darn, small goatface for a number of months. As much as he tried to get the thought of Daniel out of his mind, by staring at as many nude figures as possible, Kane was unable to do so. Daniel was just stuck in Kane’s mind, and there was nothing Kane could possibly do about it except to just accept it.

On the plus side, at least with Bryan in his mind, Kane could think of multiple ways in making Bryan his official bitch, for the entire world to see and acknowledge.

Thankfully, seeing the aroused look in his tag team partner’s eye, Kane could tell that his task of making Daniel his submissive bitch wasn’t as hard as he initially made it out to be.

“Daniel.” Kane said. He couldn’t quite capture the Washingtonian’s attention. It appeared as if Daniel was too absorbed by the pleasure he was generously given by Sheamus. “Daniel!” That bellow was enough to snap the bearded man out of whatever aroused trance he was in.

“What?” The little man snapped. He then noticed who he was snapping at, feeling at a slight dose of remorse for it. “Sorry Kane. Thought you were somebody else.”

“Whatever. That doesn’t matter.” Kane said, as he moved towards the flushed man. “I’m a little jealous, though. You’re getting sucked and I’m not. That doesn’t seem fair.”

“Life isn’t fair, big guy.” Daniel smirked. “Don’t worry. Don’t worry. I am fair, so you don’t have to worry about that.” And so, as Kane would eventually dangle his flaccid tool in Daniel’s face, once the former was close enough to do so, the latter would quickly engulf his partner, earning moan upon moan of pleasure in a matter of seconds. His mouth was just that talented, as much as Kane hated to admit it.

Kane would experience what could be described as his usual dose of bliss. He was used to getting blowjobs from Daniel Bryan. He was used to exploring the little man’s large oral cavern. It was a heavenly oral cavern. It was one that the demon would frequently crave to explore, and he didn’t take this exploration for granted.

Is anyone turned on? At all? Please say no.

Whilst the little Washingtonian worked his lips up and down the length of the monster, Sheamus would do the same to Daniel’s length. Both Team Hell No quickly grew erections from the mouth that they were almost buried inside, and their erections were clearly loving every second of this session of oral worshiping.

Sheamus was perhaps in a bigger utopia than both members of Team Hell No combined. Although they may have been (literally) getting blown away, they weren’t getting to tap a hot piece of ass, like Sheamus was.

Jericho was whining and moaning and mewling and letting out his joy through any type of sound he could possibly make. The Canadian was riding with pure ecstasy, overjoyed at how perfect a fit Sheamus’ thick girth made with his accommodative hole. It was a tight fit, but that was the type of fit that Jericho loved to feel inside of him.

Frequent moans and frequent mentions of vulgar language would spill out of Jericho’s mouth, but he didn’t care. He didn’t give a damn. He just wanted more and more of what he was getting, which was a lot. He wasn’t even aware that the next participant was on their way, until he heard a loud buzz. Participant number twenty five would soon be make their arrival.

Participant #25 – Zack Ryder


The energetic New Yorker spent no time in ardently fist-pumping his way past the ramp and into the action. It wasn’t often that Zack would get to participate in such a one-of-a-kind match. In fact, this was probably the only chance Zack would get to compete in this type of match, so why not put all the passion and energy he had into this match? If this was Zack’s last sexualised match, then he would make sure that it would be a last match to remember.

The Long Island Iced Z would first approach the commentators. He wanted to make sure that they would know about why Zack lives up to the Ultimate Broski label he is given. He wanted to make sure that they would remember the name Zack Ryder in for a long time to come, after the Rumble finishes.

There was just one problem. John Cena. The one man who Zack held a grudge against, and it had to be him of all people spending time with the commentators.

“Zack!” Cena said, with a big smile. Things may still have been rocky between the two men, but Cena didn’t want negativity in his life. He didn’t want for his relationship with Zack to be rocky for who knows how long? He regretted the kiss with Eve ever since their lips touched, and as cliché as the line is, if Cena would go back in time and change what he did, he definitely would. Alas, he didn’t have that ability, so he didn’t quite know how to patch up his differences with Zack.


The New Yorker didn’t reply. He still was mad at Cena. He still was mad that Cena could possibly betray his Broski the way he did. Betraying his Broski with a Hoeski was not cool. Not at all.

“Broski”? “Hoeski”?! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!

Cena frowned. Not even Michael’s most impactful thrust could brighten his mood. Not with a sombre former best friend staring at him in what could only be described as a look so malicious, John could feel the army of metaphorical daggers cut past his skin. He didn’t like the feeling in the slightest. “Look, man. I’m sorry. I’ll move. I’ll move. Just remember I don’t want you to hate me.” And so, Cena would slowly move towards the ring, leaving Zack alone with the three aroused commentators…who also felt some remorse for Cena.

“You know, that was pretty uncalled for, Zack. You could have at least responded to Cena.” Cole said. He may not have particularly liked Cena, but he did feel bad for Cena, in this situation.

“You don’t know what I went through, Cole.” For once, Zack didn’t use the word ‘bro’ in a sentence. He was that pissed off. “You don’t know how bad I suffered. Eve was my rock. She was my everything. Sure she turned out to be a Hoeski, but Cena still kissed her. He kissed her. He kissed my rock. He kissed my rock, Cole.” But, Zack just shrugged it off. If he talked about Eve or Cena for any longer, he would fear that he would have a breakdown in the middle of this iconic match. That was the last thing Zack wanted to do. “But enough about them. This is about you bro!” And so, the young New Yorker went down on Cole, and the latter would soon begin to get that dreaded feeling in his pelvic region. His time was almost up, and Zack had only just begun his oral assault.

To sum up what “Zack” is saying: she liked anal.

Speaking of time, the time of Natalya was almost officially up. She felt embarrassed. Dolph hadn’t even rammed his manhood inside of her, and she was already about to climax.

“Stop Dolph! Don’t go any further! Stop now!” The words seemed so pathetic, but she didn’t want to climax just after arriving. That would be humiliating for her, and given some of the scenarios Natalya has found herself in within the past few years, this was sure to top them all. That was saying something.

“Why? You almost gonna cum…babe?” His voice was husky, lustful and domineering. It was something Natalya wasn’t expecting, but something that she was extremely aroused by. Dolph’s dominant tone of voice was so enticing, it tipped Nattie over the limit almost immediately after he finished speaking. She just couldn’t handle it anymore.

Her juices gushed out of pussy, and onto Dolph’s rapid, relentless fingers, which eagerly absorbed all the essence that left her folds. Natalya was now officially as good as gone. Perhaps Khali had a nice consolation prize to offer to her. Natalya could always hope.

Elimination #14 – Natalya

Yeah, you orgasmed! HOW EMBARRASING!

The beautiful blonde was not the only elimination to occur within such a short amount of time. Kane, who prior to Zack Ryder, was the most recent entrant in the Rumble, was in the same position that Natalya was in before she got eliminated. Kane had that tingling sensation in his loins, and feeling Daniel’s lips expertly work on his pulsating length wasn’t doing the demon any favours.

“Daniel…Daniel…as much as you’re doing good, you can stop now Daniel…” Also like Natalya, Kane would frequently try and verbally tell the person giving him oral bliss to stop doing so. Kane didn’t want to ejaculate after spending such little time in the ring. “Daniel! Get off! I’m warning you, Bryan!” Kane’s tone changed from polite to aggressive in a matter of seconds. Daniel still didn’t listen. His oral assault eventually became too much for Kane to endure for any longer. Eventually, Bryan could feel a large batch of semen launch inside his mouth, and fill it to the very brim. He was pleased. Even at the cost of his own partner, an elimination was an elimination.

Elimination #15 – Kane

Oh, god, imagining Kane’s “O” face is the most terrifying thing ever.

And so, after gradually feeling the little man milk the larger, demonic individual of an orgasm, Kane would slowly pull out of his partner’s mouth. He felt betrayed. He needed answers, and he needed them now. “Why did you not stop when I told you to? Did I need to bring a damn siren to get your damn attention?”

“Oh. Was you calling for me? I’m terribly sorry Kane. I must not have heard you.” Those words. That faux innocent tone. Daniel was lying through the skin of his teeth, and Kane knew it! He would have choked Daniel if he could have…but then, why do that, when he could just avenge his elimination?

“You know what? That’s okay Daniel. I’ll let it slide this time.” The monster looked down. “Sheamus!” The redhead’s attention had instantly been caught. “Can I take over from you for a quick minute?”

Sheamus eventually took Bryan out of his mouth. “Just for a minute, fella?”

“Just for a minute.”

“Then be my guest.”

And so, Kane was now given a chance to do to Daniel what Daniel had done to him. Revenge would never feel so sweet, and never would Kane be so willing to accept another man’s semen.

Whilst Daniel was still in his euphoric world, he wasn’t even aware that Sheamus had given Kane total control in giving Daniel as much oral pleasure as he wanted. All he was aware of was that the oral cavern he explored had suddenly got a whole lot smaller, yet a whole lot more heavenly. The cheeks that hollowed on his rock hard erection hollowed harder than before. This was surely what heaven must have felt like. Daniel couldn’t possibly endure such pleasure for such a long amount of time. Heck, the deepthroating was enough to get him off. Once he would feel the oral cavern take in all of his manhood, that was when he climaxed. That was when Daniel would snap back into reality, and realise what had actually happened. Shock couldn’t even describe it.

Elimination #16 – Daniel Bryan

Now, just imagine this:

Blowing this:



Once Kane swallowed the load that rushed inside his mouth, he looked up at his partner. “Yes?”

“What the hell were you just doing?!”

“I don’t know Daniel. What was I doing?”

The little man’s cheeks reddened with fury. “You know what you did!” He was filled with rage. “Me and you! Backstage! Now! I don’t care where Dr. Shelby is, because he will be backstage, supporting me, and stopping me from biting you in that fat, flabby ass of yours!” Each word was spoken quicker and quicker, with more venom as time passed on. Once the Washingtonian was gone, Kane eventually followed.

‘Flabby? He thinks my ass is flabby?’ Kane thought to himself, as he slowly walked backstage, behind his smaller partner.

Three eliminations within one short period of time was drastic. The chaos that transpired dwindled dramatically, and that certainly wasn’t what the fans paid to see. It was a damn good thing that the next entrant was now on their way, as the buzz had only just sounded.

When has an ass ever been described as ‘flabby’?

Participant #26 – Randy Orton

Receiving arguably the loudest reaction from the crowd so far in the Rumble (even louder than the reactions that Cena and Sheamus had gotten), Randy spent no time in sprinting down to the ring. He had a cold, steely demeanour, and he was just waiting to unleash it on one poor, submissive victim of his.

That victim was currently standing on the ring, on his own. He looked to be waiting for some company. Company that Randy was glad to give to him.

Slithering his way past the ring, and slithering to his opponent, Randy was ready pounce, and unleash the predator inside of him.



“It’s been a long time.” Cena said, whilst he admired Orton’s bronzed, Adonis body. He was truly marvellous.

He looks like a Heroin addict.

“That it has. We can make it up now, though.” Orton said, whilst he admired Cena’s muscular, ripped body. He was as fine a specimen as Randy remembered.

“I ain’t gonna complain about that man.” Cena said, with a grin as large as the size of Texas. Randy was always his favourite lay. He never had an encounter that was less than brilliant with the Viper, and he was sure that this encounter would be no exception.

“You shouldn’t. Not when you get Randy Orton.” He didn’t smile, nor smirk. His face remained emotionless, but his dick grew inch by inch from the incredibly lustful atmosphere that surrounded it, until Randy could feel that he was dealing with a red, veiny erection that desperately needed attention. Cena sank to his knees immediately after he spotted the fully hardened phallus. Cena would never have so much fun sucking a dick, once he would engulf Randy inside of his mouth.

Meanwhile, not even after Daniel Bryan’s seed had spilled inside his partner’s mouth, another ejaculation was on the way. Scratch that. Another two ejaculations were on their way. Zack was one of the soon to be ejaculators, and Cole was the other one. After such a hard pounding the latter gave the former, neither man was sure that they would make it much longer. Zack’s tight walls clenched around Cole’s powerful length with each powerful thrust. It made Zack shiver, and Cole roar out in a way that no man had heard from him before.

Zack couldn’t last long, with such a thick cock inside of him, shattering his anal cavity with each devastatingly strong plunge. He just didn’t have the ability to last much longer. Letting out one final submissive cry, the Long Island Iced Z had climaxed. Cole wasn’t far behind him. Whereas Zack climaxed on Cole, Cole climaxed in Zack. Both men had made sure that they had both fully achieved a release, before they would acknowledge defeat, and finish the encounter there.

Elimination #17 – Zack Ryder

Faceless, boring stereotypes have brutal sex in front of a masturbating audience. WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!

The countdown to another competitor began, yet again. Ten quickly became zero, as the audience eagerly anticipated to see who the next competitor would be, and how significant an impact they would make in the Rumble.

Participant #27 – Jinder Mahal

I give up.

Unfortunately, the audience’s hopes were not very high. They didn’t think much of 3MB. Drew only lasted for a short duration of time, before he was eliminated. Heath thankfully lasted much longer than McIntyre did, but then again, he was the leader of 3MB. He was supposed to last longer than the other two members. The general feeling amongst the audience and the competitors were that Jinder would last as long as Drew did. And they would laugh at him, once this became a reality.

The Indian Superstar sprinted into the ring, and he immediately set his sights on Sheamus. The Indian wasn’t keen on the Irishman in the slightest.

“Sheamus!” Mahal’s voice was deep and slightly domineering. Sheamus looked up, to see Mahal’s manhood dangling in front of his face.

“Jinder, buddy! What’s the crack, fella?” The Irishman smirked.

“I am not your buddy.” Jinder sternly replied.

“Aww. That hurts, Jinder. Yer breakin’ meh heart here.” Sheamus said, as he stopped thrusting into Jericho, much to the latter’s dismay. “Sorry about this, Jericho. Ya mind getting off meh for a minute? Ah got some business to settle with good ol’ Jinder here.”

Again, Jericho expressed his dismay through a half-hearted sigh. At least he found Dolph, in a corner of the ring. At least he found somebody to occupy his time with. He suddenly felt happy again. “Sure thing…fella.” Jericho smirked back, before he headed to the younger blonde, allowing Sheamus and Jinder to have some time with each other.

“Feel lucky ah’m gonna let ya do this fella, because ah sure as hell wouldn’t let Heath or Drew do this to me.”

“Do what?” Mahal asked, with a puzzled expression on his face.

“Feck me.” The Irishman said, noticing the Indian’s quickly expanding grin. “In Ireland, if somebody touches a man’s arse, they have to fook it. Ah don’t know how things work in India, but that’s what ah was told, as a growing lad.”

Where in Ireland do they teach this?

…because I want to go there.

“Well, if that’s a challenge, then I won’t refuse it.” And so, the wannabe rock star quickly plugged his growing length into the tight heat of Sheamus. His dark chocolate head accessing Sheamus’ diminutive baby pink pucker made both men moan with the utmost bliss, and they hadn’t even got to the blissful part…yet.

Meanwhile, in another part of the ring, the seventeen climaxes that had already transpired so far in the match looked to increase by one. Antonio Cesaro was currently plunging balls deep inside Gail Kim’s pussy. He was hearing as many raunchy moans from the Asian woman as he would have liked to hear. They fuelled him onto thrust deeper and quicker inside of her, and hear more of those incredibly raunchy moans.

Deep and deep the Swiss went, inside the Canadian’s cunt. He powered past her walls, and frequently found himself shattering her sweet spot. Nothing could possibly compare to this moment of lustful glory. He had her moaning with the most effortless of thrusts.

“Deeper!” The woman would demand. It would be hard for the Swiss to do, since any deeper, and he was certain that his ballsack would enter her. Any deeper, and he was sure that he was going to climax. He didn’t want that to happen. “I want you deeper!”

“Ich kann das nicht tun. Hündin.” (“I can not do that. Bitch.”) The European nationalist would say, in between domineering grunts. His member pulsated from how deep he went. Her cunt was an absolute soaking mess. Her wetness flowed through his impactful phallus and out of her folds. She hadn’t climaxed, but Antonio was about to.

Thrust after thrust brought a new realm of uncertainty to Cesaro. He was uncertain about his chances of victory. He was uncertain that he could last much longer. He was uncertain that he could last for the next few seconds, without exploding. He couldn’t. One particular high decibel scream was enough to get the Swiss ejaculating inside of her. His semen barged past her used and abused walls, and delved deep inside of her. The TNA Knockout smirked. She still had it.

Elimination #18 – Antonio Cesaro

Fuck. My. Life.

“Bye Claudio.” She would blow him a kiss. “You should have known not to fuck the Queen of TNA and expect to get away with it.”

In response, Cesaro had raised his middle finger to the smug woman, before he would retire for the night, and head to the backstage area. As Cesaro went into the backstage area, one participant was now coming out of said area. A new participant was now on their way, as the buzz had just sounded yet again.

Participant #28 – The Miz


Once The Miz had entered, there were only two entrants yet to be revealed. The commentator to Main Event had sprinted down to the ring, as the blood quickly rushed down south, just from the visualisations that Miz was receiving, thinking about all these hot, nude pieces of ass.

Upon arriving in the ring, the actor had set his sights on Wade Barrett. He wasn’t particularly fond of the Brit, and what better than to interact with your rival than to do something that establishes your superiority over them? That was what Miz was trying to do. He couldn’t quite reach Wade, because somebody had already set their sights on him.

“Mizanin.” The voice would purr seductively. So seductively, it immediately caught his attention. “Why don’t you fuck the Queen of TNA?” A slight smirk traversed Gail’s face, as her dainty palms boldly grabbed the limp length that belonged to Miz.

“If you want me to fuck you, you better suck me first. You know…to get me in the mood.” The Miz grinned, as Gail would do just that. The Canadian woman sank to her knees, and hungrily engulfed the manhood that would hang before her very eyes.

Gail Kim had already earned one elimination in Antonio Cesaro. She was ardent to add up another elimination to her score. She wanted to rack up more eliminations than anybody else in this darn Royal Rumble. Then she’d show how superior TNA is to the WWE.

Well, WWE has better storylines, but worse competitors. TNA has decent talent, but shit stories. Oh, who am I kidding, TNA still has better stories.

In another part of the ring, and Jinder was hammering away at the Irishman’s tight hole. To say that it was a perfect experience, was almost an understatement. This was the best hole Jinder had ever fucked. This was the best experience Jinder had with anybody. Jinder was pretty sure this was the best moment in his life; getting to loosen up the hole of a domineering redhead. A hot redhead, too.

Hearing the vulgarity blend in with the thick Irish accent proved to be a very arousing thing for the dominant Indian. Mahal was now fuelled to explore deeper and deeper inside the anal cavern that he was currently exploring. He found a new sense of the word ‘pleasure’, when he thrusted in different angles.

“Come on fella! Feck meh! Gimme that dick!” Yes. That was what Jinder needed to hear. Hearing the fine tune of Sheamus’ submissive moans was better than the harmonious music that Jinder, Drew and Heath would all collaborate together to produce.

Receiving all this verbal and physical bliss from the native of Ireland was too much for Jinder. He let out a sigh. He knew there was no use fighting an orgasm, because he knew he couldn’t hold it back. It was just too powerful to possibly delay. He had to release, and feeling Sheamus’ taut walls clench against his girth didn’t do anything to delay said orgasm.

Although the Asian wanted to withdraw from the redhead’s pucker, he couldn’t quite do so. The walls trapped him from escaping. Jinder was forced to remain inside, and so, he was forced to ejaculate inside. Letting out one final roar of dominance, the Indian rock star climaxed inside the Irish stud. Now there was officially no chance of 3MB winning the Rumble. At least they outlasted Team Hell No.

Elimination #19 – Jinder Mahal


There were only two participants yet to enter the Rumble. One of whom was about to get revealed very shortly. The numbers on the titantron quickly reduced. From two digits to one digit. Nine…Eight…Seven…Six…Five…Four…Three…Two…One…the buzz sounded.

Participant #29 – AJ Lee

I don’t even care anymore.

What looked to be the final female entry of the Rumble, the petite native of New Jersey fervently skipped to the ring in her nude glory. Her eyes were wide, and her lust was insatiable. She needed to find a boy to feed her insatiable lust, and quickly.

It was a good thing for her that Dolph was already in the ring. What wasn’t a good thing was that her Zigglypuff was with Jericho…and he looked as if he was enjoying it. AJ couldn’t watch her man have fun with another person without her involvement. That would have been an injustice of epic proportions.

Running to the ring, she quickly shoved Jericho aside, and made sure that Ziggler was okay. She wanted to know that she still was important to him.

“Ziggy! Are you okay? What did the old guy do to you? How far did you get with him? Did you forget about me? Was you thinking about me? Was you thinking about Big E? Why did-”

“You ask a lot of questions, babe.” Dolph smirked. “You’re always gonna be my babe, AJ. I’m always gonna think about you, babe. Right now, I’m just trying to make the old guy cum. You okay with that?”

AJ giggled. She took a brief glance at Chris’ length, before looking back into her boyfriend’s eyes. “I’m okay with that…but I’m still getting involved.”

“That’s perfect with me, babe.” Dolph smirked, when he eyed up and down his girl’s naked body. “You gonna feed me or what? I’m getting pretty hungry.”

“All you had to do was ask, my precious little Zigglypuff.” Quicker than a blink, the petite woman would straddle her man’s face. She would quickly feel his perfect tongue access her cunt, and moaned wantonly because of it.

Neil No

Jericho just shrugged. Even though AJ shoved him (and quite hard, for such a little female), it wouldn’t stop the Canadian from getting himself Dolph’s hole. Grabbing his erect tool, Jericho would push it deep inside Dolph’s loose heat. Whilst Dolph’s moans weren’t fully audible (due to having a cunt take control of his oral area), Jericho’s were, and AJ could clearly hear the older man moan and groan in joy. She felt a little envious, but at least her cunt was beginning to moisten under the influence of her boyfriend’s talented tongue.

A plethora of whorish, slutty moans had left Wade’s lips. It was a little humorous to hear such a dominant man moan so submissively. Miz couldn’t certainly help but to chuckle, as he looked at the Brit from where he was standing, whilst Gail Kim continued to bob her head on his tool.

The amused chuckling captured Barrett’s attention. He didn’t want to look so pleased, but with the cock that stretched his walls, he couldn’t help but to show a satisfied expression on his face. “What do you…bloody…want?” There was a licentious moan in each pause. This was when Damien’s bulbous tip rubbed against Wade’s prostate.

“Who said I wanted anything from you?” Miz smirked. “Just looking at how damn funny you look when you’re being such a slut.”

“Wait…until the Rumble…finishes.” Wade continued to moan so wantonly. “…I’ll…bash your sodding…face in. But…for now…if you don’t…shove that cock…down my throat…then look away…Mizanin.” It was incredibly uncharacteristic of Wade to act so submissively. That was what happened when he had a thick cock inside his tight ass. His inner-slut would get unleashed.

f this

“Sounds like an offer I can’t refuse.” The former reality TV star smirked. He withdrew his phallic length from Gail’s mouth, much to her disappointment.

“What the hell, Mizanin?” Gail angrily bellowed. “You were about to cum there! I could sense it!”

“I wasn’t actually.” Miz shrugged, looking down at Gail for only a second. “You want an elimination, then go and suck Wade. He looks like he’s about to cum.” And sure enough, that appeared to be true, judging by his wildly pulsating manhood. Gail’s fury suddenly turned into optimism.

“Who needs you anyway? I’ve found myself a new man.” Gail said, as she rushed to the Englishman, and swiftly sucked on his manhood. She already had one European cum because of her. Another would be brilliant.

Miz laughed, but he also rushed to Wade. Gail had some undeniable oral skills, and using them on Wade, who was on the verge of cumming, meant that he wouldn’t be able to last so long. Miz couldn’t have that. He still had to feel the bliss that was Wade’s oral cavern.

But unfortunately for Mizanin, he was too late. Before he could plug his tool into Wade’s mouth, he could hear Wade let out a high decibel yell, as he came inside Gail’s mouth. This would become evident when the TNA Knockout proceeded to show as many people as possible the cum in her mouth.

Elimination #20 – Wade Barrett

f this

f this

f this

“Make that two for the Queen of TNA!” Once the Asian would swallow the release dumped inside her mouth, she would look for her next victim. Preferably another European, but she would settle for anybody who looked like they were about to get eliminated.

The only problem was, although Gail may have been finished with Wade, Wade wasn’t finished with Gail.

And… that’s all for Part Two. But, wait! There’s moreeeeaaaauuuUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Fan Fiction Friday owes its inception and existence to Rob Bricken, formerly of Topless Robot, where you can read all his old and mind destroying creations.

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