Nerdy Moment of Awesome: Why Superman is still relevant.

If Warner Bros have any sense, this would be their new poster for Man of Steel

At this point, its very easy to be jaded and cynical about Superman and write him off as boring. Which makes you forget just why hes still around. Superman, more than anything, is the drive to be better, to aspire to greatness, to be a better person and the sheer sense of awe you feel when you are around people that have that single minded drive.

All of which is encapsulated in this photo taken by @Pr_Dragon of his son just overcome at the idea of watching a Superman film.

I’m not sure if Man of Steel can match up a single image like that, but I’m hopeful. Less than a week anyway before we find out and the internet rips it a new arsehole for simply existing.

See you next week for another Nerdy Moment of Awesome.

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