Neverwinter in Open Beta

I’m not a big MMO player, so I might be a bit late on the ball here. Neverwinter is set in the classic D&D world of the Forgotten Realms. You get to choose from several races and classes and the graphics veer toward realism.

The game is free to download and play and the developers say that although Neverwinter will use Zen, Perfect World’s real money currency, the in game Astral Diamonds can be auctioned for Zen. In this manner, one could buy all the items without ever spending money. In practice, I suspect that Astral Diamonds will be difficult to obtain and collect and that will encourage people to pay for items.

Neverwinter allows players to create their own content through the Foundry, their level editor. Anything you make can be made public for others to experience for free! This is a feature that I haven’t heard about in other MMOs, though of course, it’s not my genre of expertise. It is probably the feature that will maintain players’ interest in the game after all the official content has been explored. After all, being able to tell your own tale and create adventures for others to experience is the core of D&D.

A month ago, a friend showed me the site and I made an account. Today I’m reading the extended FAQ and downloading the client! I’ll let you guys know how the game play feels soon!

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