Life In Plastic: Toy News Roundup For 06/10/2013

Well, here we go again!  Let’s see what people besides Hasbro announced over the weekend.

-Diamond Select is giving us everything from Mickey Mouse Superman to Silent Bob Minimates for SDCC!  HERE

-Because suddenly everybody has the Adam West Batman license, we’re getting Batman Mez-Itz, too!  HERE

-Oh yeah, and Harley Quinn, too.  HERE

-So, the new DC Swamp Thing has wings?  And why is Swamp Thing always an SDC exclusive?  HERE

-Well, since it got spoiled, it’s time for official pictures of KnifeheadHERE

-Hot Toys is dipping into Pixar for Monsters University toys you’ll never be able to afford.  HERE

-And finally, Playmates has shown off more of their upcoming TMNT figures, including the new Rat King! HERE

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