Tabletop Gaming News Roundup: 10/06/2013- Fish Monsters and RPGs

Two updates on time in a row! Yes, its sad that its an achievement but I’m breaking out the cider in celebration when I get home anyway! If you want the latest Kickstarter news, click here.
Otherwise, onto the most interesting news of the past week!

Privateer Press have a lot going on at the moment. Along with releasing a lot of new plastics, they have some previews up for their new Warmachine faction the Convergence of Cyriss and have released an expansion to their boardgame Level 7 called Lockdown. I’ve heard that Level 7 is an ok game, if not one you would break out at parties, so hopefully Lockdown will help improve the flow of the game.

Sally4th have a new selection of ways to store you miniatures which all come with magnetised bases to help your models stay in place. Looks good and I may buy a few, as my own collection of miniatures are reaching critical mass.

Syrinscape have released a free downloadable music album stuffed to the brim with tracks to help enhance your gaming experience. I haven’t listened to it yet, but the IT Crowd episode about DnD keeps popping into my head.

Warlord are having their annual Warlord Games Day 2013. If that sounds suspiciously similar to what Games Workshop do, then you aren’t the only one. Not that I’m suggesting Warlord are taking GW’s model and trying to make it more successful whilst rubbing it in their faces but,yeah.

Fantasy Flight Games have an expansion to their Star Wars RPG called Edge of the Empire, which promises to take you beyond known space in the age of the Empire and find out what lurks there and possibly solve some age old questions Star Wars fans have been asking. Not only that, but they are looking for a Graphic Designer. This may be your chance to work for a great gaming company. If you think you have what it takes, the details are here.

Secret Weapon Minatures have posted a preview of what they are calling a “Sack ‘o Corpses” on their Facebook page.

The Dimensions RPG has been released for free. Its creators state that

Dimensions Role-playing System is a pen and paper RPG. It is a system designed to mix and blend all genres of play into one unified system. It is a system that is designed to allow players to be the hero that they want to play, not play characters that are shoved into pre-created molds.

Download the rules here.

ForgeWorld have released a new monstrous beast for use in games of Warhammer, the Merwyrm. I know these models tend to be a bit hit a miss, but I just dig the model and its the first time I think having a scenic base actually adds to the model (even if it may look odd if you are fighting in a mountainous region). Its up for preorder and open to general sale on June 28th.

Ok, thats two in a row. Join me on Friday for the Latest Kickstarter News and to see if I can keep this thing going!

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