Weekly Time Waster

Welcome to another Weekly Time Waster!  My name is Scott or Canadian Scott if you prefer and my area of nerd love comes from watching movies.  I love them all; sometimes the worse a movie is, the more I love it.  This weekly column is going to be bringing you some of the new release movies from the week relevant to us in the nerd world.  I won’t be giving you spoilers but instead you’ll get to see some trailers and my thoughts on the movie.  Enjoy and feel free to let me know of any others you think I missed.

I guess with the nice weather means that no one wants to watch movies and stay inside.  It is a very light week in the new release department but I have managed to find a few nuggets including the whereabouts of Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod, an underestimated Baldwin brother, what happens when cheese meets ninjas and finally Ring of Fire sucks…

Nine Miles Down


Adrian “Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod” Paul has sprouted up in this thriller involving a mysterious women and a bunch of dead oil rig workers.  What I find bizarre here is why would one guy be sent to discover what happened to an entire group of workers and shouldn’t he have realized that there were no females working at the site?  Also, if you come across a women who doesn’t seem to care all of her co-workers have disappeared or been killed, maybe you want to call for some back up?

The Unbroken


Recently divorced women moves into a low-end apartment complex filled with a colourful cast of characters including Stephen Baldwin.  Our main character begins seeing a ghost of a little boy who has a dark and sinister past with someone at the apartment complex.  And yes, that is Warwick “I probably did this as a favour to the director” Davis as a psychic who helps our heroine discover why she is seeing this troubled boy.  In case you’re wondering, the heavy emphases on Stephen Baldwin’s character being the main suspect is probably the biggest red herring in history and trust me when I say he will probably die for no reason and it was probably the heroine’s new love post divorce.

Ninja III: The Domination


A cult classic is given the DVD/Blu Ray release because of the crazy story line, the soul of a ruthless ninja inhabits the spirit of a women, and the over top action sequences, did anyone else notice a ninja leap onto a moving police vehicle and then throw a ninja star at another police officer on a motorcycle?!?  I don’t necessarily include this here as something to watch but if something can be this bad then it deserves to be here.

Ring of Fire


So this was a bit of cop-out.  I actually like the song Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash but this direct to video disaster movie, not so much.  I’m going to tell you right now that if the CEO of your company is going to be John Locke then you are already looking at a trouble from the beginning.  A company decides to open a city directly above a large oil deposit which a scientist discovers is actually filled with lava and will for some reason (only the writer knows following a night of binge drinking) trigger a global disaster.  Then using pseudo science that would make a SyFy movie proud, they decide to drop the scientist in a volcano to stop the eruption.

That’s all for this week folks!  It was another slow week in movie releases but take the time to look up some of the selections this week and be sure to let me know what you thought.  Don’t forget to hit the comments and let me know if I missed something or if there is a movie out there you think I should check out.  Also, make sure you check out some of my friends on Nerditis while checking me out and I’ll see you next week!

One response to “Weekly Time Waster

  1. As a young child I loved Ninja III the Domination. Of course I loved all Sho Kosugi movies at the time. I think it’s a damn shame he wasn’t included in the Expendables.

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