Tabletop Gaming News Roundup 17/06/2013: Robot hunters, price decreases and Napoleon

Ok. What has this week brought us? Lets find out.

Ammon Miniatures have Ana Bot up for sale. There are only 250 copies of the model available, so if you want to grab it, check their shop now.

Theres a new version of Mongoose Publishing’s Block War up for free download.

Columbia Games have put up the 4th edition of their Napoleon game for public sale. It honestly looks like a great deal for what you get.

Games Workshop have the Iyanden codex supplement out, letting you play the Eldar Craftworld best known for its Wraithguard armies. It will only cost you close to 5 times the cost of the old supplements- isn’t inflation great?
Meanwhile Forgeworld have put up Fulgrim:Primarch of the Emperors Children for pre-order. At this rate, it will be cheaper to buy the Forgeworld books and models and play 40k that way.

Talking of prices, in an announcement on their facebook page that was that was 2 parts smug to 1 part cheeky Mantic Games explained about their future price reductions:

The eagle-eyed among you might have noticed that we’re releasing a repackaged Orc Ax Horde to replace the one that’s currently on sale.

I hope you all understand that there are a lot of things to take into consideration when deciding on the price for a product, and it’s important (with the global increases in the cost of materials) that we amend our pricing structure in line with market trends.

This is why we’re sure you’ll understand that we’ve had to increase the price of the Orc Horde. Instead of getting 30 models for £24.99, you will now be getting 40 models for £24.99.

Oh, hang on. That’s not an increase, is it? 😉

*slow hand claps*

SpellCrow have some ‘Chaos Space Knight’ heads up for sale. Pretty (ugly) looking things they are too 😉

Last of all, ever wanted your bases to be covered in skulls? ALIEN skulls? Well, Basicks have the perfect bases for you.

Small moment of self promotion here, the Shell Case have accepted me as a contributor. I will be posting random musings and tactical thoughts once a week, along with my usual grumpy demeanor. If I can keep to a schedule that is (stop that sniggering in the back!)

Still, see you friday for all the Kickstarter news of the week.

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