Arnold Schwarzenegger’s upcoming zombie movie

Actual real life photo

I think whats most surprising is that he hasn’t been in one already.

Am I the only one a little bit puzzled by the late career resurgence of Arnold Schwarzenegger? I mean the guy was great in the 80s and 90s when he was in a lot of sclocky action films, but now he just looks a bit too old to be aping the kind of stunts he did 20 years prior.

Nostalgia is a killer I guess.

Hes dived headfirst in acting again at least, and amongst the many different films hes currently signed up to star in, Maggie stands out. Supposedly a script thats been kicked around Hollywood for a few years now, the film is about a father whos daughter is slowly becoming a zombie. Wait, haven’t I heard that concept before?

Regardless, its an interesting one and I wonder if it will remain intact or be turned into an Old Man Arnold vehicle, with jokes about how hes getting old and the entire cast silently acknowledging hes Arnie. If we are lucky we may even get a good acting performance out of him.

Time will tell.

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