Weekly Nerd Debate: the Doctor VS. A Xenomorph Hive

Alright. So, what we’re doing here is to make every nerd ever unbelievably angry. Every Sunday, I will start a flame war by superfans. Then laugh.

The concept of this is simple: I present to you a question. Who would win in a fight, is ________ in ________’s canon, does _________ count as a super power, etc.

This week should be obvious by the title. Would the Doctor (Doctor Who) be able, given all the resources seen in any given episode of the show, to defeat a full fledge Xenomorph (Aliens) hive, as seen in the movie Aliens?

Type: Animal, Semi-Sentient

Role: Villian

Powers: High Intelligence, Second pair of jaws located inside the first capable of destroying even the strongest skulls and moving at high velocity, Semi-Strong Exoskeleton, Acid Blood, Spear-Like Tail which can be used as a weapon, Capable of Massive Reproduction on a Short Timescale.

Notes: Although they have been defeated on every occasion they have been experienced, they continue to survive. The only way to destroy a full nest appears to be to destroy it with a nuclear sized explosion. Although they have simple animal level intelligence, they can learn at an alarming rate, and have been able to escape capture through killing other members of their species with knowledge of their acid blood.

Type: Time Lord, Sentient

Role: Anti-Hero

Powers: Unknown Level of Genius, Time-Space Travel Capabilities, Sonic Screwdriver, Bowtie. Bowties are Cool.

Notes: The Doctor is a genius by Time Lord standards, meaning his intelligence dwarfs that of any human. The TARDIS can take him anywhere in time and space, and has been called a weapon by multiple people on many occasions. His Sonic Screwdriver is capable of opening any lock, unless it is deadlocked or wood. Sonic Screwdriver is also capable of hacking computers, calling the TARDIS to him remotely, and relocking any locks. The Doctor also has a weakness, as he is unable to harm any Human that may be in the way of his goal. He may also Regenerate to prevent death, should it be required.

3 responses to “Weekly Nerd Debate: the Doctor VS. A Xenomorph Hive

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  2. If the TARDIS has the ability to generate what ever the Doctor needs then eventually he could defeat the Xenomorphs.

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