Nerdy Moment of Awesome:How John Carter was able to save The Thing

As told by one of the people who helped.

First off, I’ve got to send props to FilmCritHULK for this discovery. Go check out his wordpress page, its got some great writings on the theory of film and cinema, formed both by study and practical experience in hollywood.

So anyway, the story goes that one of his followers on twitter sent him a link to a post from one of the people who worked closely on production of John Carpenter’s 80s classic The Thing.

It breaks things down in great detail how freak chance allowed Carpenter an early look at the finished film, which he subsequently mostly scrapped for the version we have today. Though it was a flop at the time, today its regarded as one of the finest films of John Carpenter’s career and a classic in itself.

Anyway, stop reading me blabber- go read the post here. Go on- Shoo

When the thing became John Carpenter’s The Thing

See you next week.

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