Weekly Time Waster

Welcome to another Weekly Time Waster!  My name is Scott or Canadian Scott if you prefer and my area of nerd love comes from watching movies.  I love them all; sometimes the worse a movie is, the more I love it.  This weekly column is going to be bringing you some of the new release movies from the week relevant to us in the nerd world.  I won’t be giving you spoilers but instead you’ll get to see some trailers and my thoughts on the movie.  Enjoy and feel free to let me know of any others you think I missed.

So in the post holiday haze the movie gods have decided that you probably need to relax and not get over stimulated with this week’s picks.  But never fear, I have managed to score some great ones including a group of students terrorized by detention students, a convoluted family story, the worst Oregon tourism board film ever and we ask the question, how does Stephanie Myers follow-up the juggernaut that was Twilight?  By making the exact same thing.

The Expelled


A group of people are terrorized inside a campus by a group of hooded hooligans and you can’t see their faces.  It looks like some pretty senseless violence judging by the stabbed, choked and electrocuted bodies these guys are leaving behind.  I mean even the London Police Service appears to be helpless.  The trailer states there is nowhere to hide but if you’ve ever stepped on the campus of post-secondary education, there should be a lot of places to hide.  Also, why don’t you guys just join together, I mean the Expelled can’t take them all on in one big rush.

Visible Scar


Tom Sizemore is the headliner in this bizarre story about a girl who is abused and escapes her life to get away and finds herself in her creepy uncle’s cabin where she begins to hear the voices of a little girl.  I don’t know if it is me or this movie is bad but the pacing is all wrong and I have no clue what the hell is going on?!?  Why did Tom Sizemore steal those twins? Why is the movie implying that the female lead is one of the girls?  Is that delightful abusive boyfriend the killer or a red herring?  I think the cop at 1:58 explains my thoughts the best.

Population 2


In an unspecified time in our near future, the world is destroyed and possibly all that remains is solitary female?  I ask that question because we appear to be jumping forward and backward in time to the moment when the world was destroyed (it must be modern times because they mention Facebook), to our female lead coping with loneliness (pretty over dramatically might I add), to people from the company (which apparently controls the world) talking about bringing children into the world…A quick look around online and we learn the entire film was shot in Oregon with an all Oregon cast and crew.  Come to Oregon, where the world eventually ends!

The Host


This is probably going to be the only time we’ll be featuring a “mainstream” film in this column.  The Host was Stephanie Myers sophomore entry into the literary world and film makers were hoping to capture lightning in a bottle and catch the Twilight wave.  Unfortunately they didn’t count on a contrived, mess of a book and film which retread things we have already seen in the Twilight series, did you catch them all?  A sulking, sour-faced lead actress, over the top romance, two males fighting inexplicably for an unattractive lead, destroying a genre like vampires but instead alien invasions.

That’s all for this week folks!  Hope you enjoy some of the selections this week and be sure to let me know what you thought.  Don’t forget to hit the comments and let me know if I missed something or if there is a movie out there you think I should check out.  Also, make sure you check out some of my friends on Nerditis while checking me out and I’ll see you next week! Also, keep an eye out for new Tales from the Northside!

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