Life In Plastic: Toy Review: Octavia (Masters of the Universe Classics)


Well, I’ve already talked about her,and I’ve expressed interest in acquiring her, so if you’ve been following along, you knew this was coming. Octavia is one of She-Ra’s enemies, and a cartoon-only character.  She’s one of Hordak’s generals, but really only got two appearances to her name – one major one identifying her as the captain of the Horde Navy, and another brief cameo in which she kidnapped a Twigget (but sadly, didn’t kill him).  But hey, at least she got more screen time than Fang-Man!  Regardless, there’s little enough info about her that her new toy bio sheds a lot of light on who she is even though it doesn’t say much of anything.


Octavia: Wicked Tentacle-Swinging Warrior

Real Name: Polypus Rorqu

The unpredictable waters of the Etherian seas are home to many sea creatures, none more dangerous and cunning than the Aquatican warrior Octavia.  Working her way up the Horde ranks, she eventually became Horde Commander, first in her home waters of Octopus Cove and eventually serving Hordak in the Sea of Sigh and the Fright Zone.  Truly enjoying a good fight, she cackles shrilly while brandishing weapons in her four thrashing tentacles.  Octavia uses her tentacles to hold weapons and capture her enemies, squeezing their bodies into submission.



Thing is, I’ve enjoyed the new bios for the most part, but the “Real Name” business is really getting on my nerves.  This isn’t like Fang-Man or Snake Face, “Octavia” is a perfectly serviceable real-world name!  And Polypus is masculine (Polypa? Polypia?).  But other than that, I like the insights on her character – she isn’t some sort of strange mutant or magical creation, and she wasn’t forced into the Horde by mind control the way some other characters were.  She’s just a hard-working fighter who made it big because she’s diligent.  Good for her!


The big thing that Octavia is known for (besides being a really cool octopus chick) is that she’s really great at swordfighting, which might be because she can wield way more weapons than the average bear.  But still, in her first (and only significant) appearance, she out-fought Sea Hawk with ease, which ruins his claim as the “best swordsman in Etheria.”  So, anyway, let’s talk about the toy!



There isn’t much to say about MOTUC packaging that hasn’t been said before – it’s like a series of cardboard nesting dolls!  You have your mailer, then your plain white box, and then the blister pack!  It’s a good blister, Octavia is nestled nicely inside (wrapped up with rubber bands), and it makes me kind of sad that these figures aren’t at regular retail.  They’re sure made to look like it, after all!


SCULPT: ***1/2

Octavia has one flaw – ONE flaw, though it doesn’t look as bad in person.  In the cartoon, she wore a typical leotard/swimsuit, roughly the same as everybody else in the series.  Some of the toys have managed it, but some haven’t, and “Granny-Panties” are apparently a problem.  So to avoid that, Mattel gave her a short, triangular skirt instead.  In early previews, it looked kind of like an errant pizza slice, but in person it’s not that bad at all.  It’s just different.  Either you’ll like it or hate it, but it is there, and for the sake of the people who can’t stand it, I took off some points.


Now, everything ELSE is great!  Octavia manages to straddle that difficult line of looking like her cartoon counterpart while still fitting in with other Masters of the Universe Classics figures.  Her face certainly holds more detail than in the series – mostly because it’s not off-model half of the time. She has high cheekbones, a slender nose, and rather full lips, and the end result looks just a little bit like Angelina Jolie – or so several of the fans have said.  I can kind of see it, maybe a little.  Octavia has a very high hairline, though the effect is aided by the red headband she wears, just behind her fin-ears.  Her hair is long and red, flowing halfway down her back in a wave.  It’s a nice effect, even if it’d be impractical for an underwater being.


For a series that prides itself on reusing parts, Octavia’s got a lot of new pieces – her boots, gloves, head, skirt, and torso are all brand new, and the only recycled parts she has are the generic ones, like her thighs or upper arms.  She’s just as well-proportioned as any of the female MOTUC figures, and although it seems like she has thunder thighs in some of these photos, she really doesn’t.  She’s just athletically-built and has strong legs.  They look better in person, if staring at a plastic toys thighs is your kind of thing.  I like the red Horde logo on her chest, and the little Hordak face looks good enough for what it is.  Her torso is also made of a somewhat-softer plastic for the sake of the tentacle pegs, so it’s almost textured like cloth… sorta.


Her tentacles are technically accessories, but you really wouldn’t pose her without them – they aren’t bendy, but each one is independently sculpted and curved, and numbered.  They have a leathery, wrinkled texture, and some nicely-detailed suckers in the pads.  And thankfully, unlike Stratos or Webstor, these are clearly part of Octavia’s body as opposed to a random robot backpack.  I like the tentacles, and you can swap them around in different sockets to achieve a pretty good variety of poses.


PAINT: ***1/2

For the most part, Octavia’s paint is clean, crisp, and the colors stand out without looking odd.  Octavia’s arms and legs are sculpted in green plastic, while her head – sculpted in the yellow of her tunic – is painted.  I can see a little bit of red paint rubbing off from her gloves… wich is odd, since the hand-pieces didn’t need to be painted over.  The four tentacles are also green, and they have a little sheen to them (which looks great), but they aren’t the right shade of green.  They are noticeably darker than her body.  I don’t know, it’s minor, but these are a part of Octavia, aren’t they?  Weird.  Also, the yellow of her tunic and skirt is fairly subdued, almost a mustard color.  It’s a refreshing change from the usual bright-yellow you usually get on toys like this, and that helps her look good on the shelf.



One thing that MOTUC figures are good at is articulation… though the women have suffered to various degrees.  Octavia lacks an ab crunch, but otherwise mostly makes up for it.  Her head is a ball joint… but her tentacles pretty much force her to look forward and slightly down, thanks to her hair.  Yeah, sorry about that.  Anyway, as I said, Octavia’s tentacles are not bendy, but rather have a swivel and hinge each, which allow for a decent variety of poses.  Unfortunately, you can’t get her to point her swords in front of her or attack forward, so you can’t properly act out her big duel with Sea Hawk.  Also, her arms (ball-and-socket shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, swivel wrists) are quite good, but only almost good enough to hold her crossbow properly in two hands.  So close, but no cigar.


As for the rest, she’s great!  Octavia’s skirt inhibits her legs less than most other figures in this line, and she can even do the splits!  She’s got ball-and-socket hips, swivel thighs (the swivel is very high up, and doesn’t break the sculpt), hinged knees, and “rocker” rouble-hinged ankles.  I’ve heard reports of Octavia’s ankles being loose, but mine felt fine – although I have to admit, she is kind of a heavy figure because of those tentacles, so the ankles don’t have to be “loose” to fall over under her weight.  So overall?  The articulation isn’t bad, but it’s got a fair amount of problems, just enough to lower the score a bit.



Not only does Octavia come with a lot of stuff, but it looks good, too!  Firstly, she has four tentacles, which are a part of her, but they’re separate in the package anyway.  They plug in securely to the holes on her back, but are also pretty easy to remove without causing any damage.


Octavia also has four swords!  The cutlasses look fairly similar to their appearance in the cartoon, albeit with more detail – the hilts now resemble little Horde symbols!  The hand guard also works as a clip, allowing you to fasten them to her tentacles without a single unsightly peg or hole in sight!  Unfortunately, they have “CHINA” engraved on the blades, but I can live with that.  They’re even painted, which is more than I can say for other toys in this line.


And finally, Octavia comes with a crossbow.  Every Horde figure comes with a crossbow, just like how every Snake Man comes with a staff.  But, although Snake Men staves are identical, Horde crossbows are not!  And Octavia’s is clearly customized just for her – it’s glossy black and dark purple, with an octopus head!  I daresay, it’s a Cthulhu gun.  Octavia has a Cthulhu gun.  What does it fire, you might ask?  Arrows?  Tentacles?  Octo-heads?  I think it shoots madness, that’s what it does.  And I wish I had a real one.


VALUE: **  


$30.  Really, about $40 when you count shipping and tax.  That’s what all of the figures in this line cost, but when you see other companies make much bigger, better-detailed figures and charge half that, it gets kind of sad.  I know that the price is a casualty of the lower production run, but I don’t feel happy with the price.



Octavia’s pretty durable, but with all the tentacle-swapping you’ll be doing, those pegs might start to see some wear and tear.  Just be a little careful, all right?  Also, a lot of Octavias apparently have weak ankles, though as I said it might just be an issue of her weight rather than the ankles themselves.



Octavia sold out from Mattycollector (of course! They always sell out in a say!), so you’re gonna have to try eBay, Amazon, or Big Bad Toy Store.


OVERALL: ***1/2

All of the problems with Octavia are little ones – her triangle skirt is subjective (and try folding it – it’d look WORSE as granny panties), her head is kind of immobile, her tentacles don’t bend, and her ankles might have trouble supporting her weight.  But Mattel, unlike some other companies (like NECA), seems to have no idea how to handle bendy toys.  The last time they tried this in MOTUC, the toy rotted and crumbled apart!  So maybe we should count ourselves lucky.


But other than those issues?  Look, I don’t have many “girl” toys.  I’m not sexist, it’s just that I don’t want everybody to think I’m a pervert.  But Octavia can actually make it into a display because she’s weird and unique… unless I’m having guests over from Japan, but that’s Japan for ya.  Seriously, though, she’s a great figure with some good play factor and a ton of excellent accessories, and I’m glad that I picked this one up!


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