Comic Book Storytelling: the He-Man mini series was actually good!

The current He-Man and the Masters of the Universe ongoing comic book still sucks but the mini series that came before it was really good.  I missed the He-Man mini series from DC comics when it first came out but just last week they released the collected trade paperback.  I picked it up and read it and I am amazed at how entertaining it was.


The story is that He-Man and the other masters were defeated by Skeletor and had their memories erased so he could either torment them or just watch them live out common little lives for his amusement because Skeletor is and has always been a huge petty douchebag at his core.  The series has a formula that works, with each issue Prince Adam encounters and fights a different minion of Skeletor.  Early on he meets up with Teela and she joins him on his quest.  And the most amazing thins about this mini series is that Teela is a likable character.  She spends a lot of time bantering with Adam and it works really nicely.  I am kind of baffled that they managed to write her so well here and then somehow made her so awful in the ongoing comic series.  It’s probably because there is a fine line between being lovably snarky and just being an asshole.  However there is still one major issue that bothers me.  Teela is a blonde!  Why is Teela a blonde? Was Teela a blonde at some point in her history that I am unaware of.  I remember her hair always being orange, or red, or a reddish brown but never blonde.  I can’t think of a single good reason for them to turn Teela into a blonde but I can think of plenty of stupid reasons for it.  I guess I should address the fact that Teela also spends a lot of time in a skimpy leather loin cloth and bra top for no reason.


At one point Adam and Teela get stranded at sea and then get captured and in the process Adam loses most of his clothes.  Teela on the other hand stopped wearing clothes the issue before for no reason.  One minute she was fully clothed then she just changed into the skimpy barbarian girl outfit.  Then they got shipwrecked and washed up on an island and in the process Adam joined her in a general state of undress.  Now I could understand if Teela had been wearing regular clothes before and then lost them in the shipwreck along with Adam but that is not what happened.  Why is Teela so fond of taking off her clothes?


In other news Issue #4 of the ongoing He-Man and the Master of the Universe comic book came out today and it looks like they may actually be working on some meaningful character development.  Well too damn bad because I am not reading it.  If the first three issues of your series suck as bad as these ones did it does not matter how good the fourth may or may not be.  Also He-Man wears his new Iron Man knock off chest and crotch armor.

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