Tales from the Northside

Hello everyone and welcome to Tales from the Northside!  My name is Scott or Canadian Scott if you prefer and my area of nerd love comes from watching horror movies.  This column is going to be bringing you reviews of some of the latest, greatest and lackluster horror movies from every era.  A lot of what you’re about to read will contain spoilers but I will try my best to keep you in suspense just like your favourite movies.

In previous Tales here and here, I spotlighted an independent company called 3N Films which you can visit here and here.  They have put out some excellent zombie apocalypse stuff called Chronicles of the Dead.  I continue to follow them along as they expand their filmography.  What makes the Chronicles so unique to me a zombie lover is how they use different film styles and narratives to tell the story of a zombie apocalypse.  This past Wednesday, 3N Films released a new chapter in the Chronicles with Virtual.  Have a look.

The company has gone back to the short format roots with this one which is a welcome return to form as compared the lengthier Apocalypse part 2.  In this film we meet an unnamed man living in a modest sized closet in the near future.  We hear in the background Big Brother telling us to respect the curfew and return to our homes.  If we follow logic here and assume that all the films fall into the same timeline, it would appear the zombie outbreak has done something nasty to our world.  The TV report playing (although why was his TV on all day) tells us that the world is indeed in some trouble.  He places a disc on the table called “Chronicles of the Dead Extreme” which I though was a nod to a future episode but as it turns out is a disc for his virtual reality helmet.  God bless the crew for making due with the budget they had but with talk of Google glass over the last year, you probably could’ve just used cool glasses instead of the bulky head piece our protagonist uses.

We learn that Chronicles of the Dead Extreme is a virtual reality game that drops you into a zombie apocalypse.  Our hero begins trying to navigate himself through the zombie filled universe.  The use of first person is again present in this film and while the last one it was over used and nausea inducing, it is more subtle this time and a little more controlled.  If this is a game, we’re not made aware what he is playing for and just when you think all is good…game over man!  The experience is so real to our hero that even he is a little shaken up.  But like any true gamer, he puts the helmet back on and we’re back.

I would like to see how this movie fits into the overall universe created by 3N Films which makes me excited for the next installment.  Some questions definitely need to be answered.  What is going in the world?  Why would someone want to escape into a zombie apocalypse with so much chaos around him now? Why wouldn’t you be looking for some kind of weapon first instead of looking to jack cars?

Make sure you check out 3N Films, and the Chronicles of the Dead team!  And make sure you check out Nerditis for all your nerd needs and don’t forget to check out Weekly Time Waster and some more Tales from the Northside!

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