Nerdy Moment of Awesome-Its Ma Birthday!

So, as you may have guessed from the title, its my birthday tomorrow. So I’m going to do something a little different than usual.

Perhaps its because a year has passed and supposedly older and more mature. I’m 23, or is that 24…

Regardless, I think its fair to say this year has been one of ups and downs.  Come last birthday I was in a shit job that I hated and that was just in one of those ruts people find themselves sometimes. My 18 year old self would have been disappointed. But then I was a twit when I was 18, so bugger him

Proof on stupidity: exhibit 1

Proof on stupidity: exhibit 1

So I quit and started a new job and things were going ok.

But I don’t think they would nearly be as good without Nerditis. Come the start of the year when this idea was announced by Paul, well I think all of the team were psyched. Less than 8 months later and, though we are still messing with things and feeling our way forward, we’re nearly at an impressive 40,000 views.

I know its not much for bigger sites, but for a bunch of fans who started with no idea of what they were doing, I think thats amazing. So its time for some acknowledgement for those who have gotten us this far.

Thanks to ridureyu, who without fail has kept this site going with not only regular, butprofessional, photography and columns. Thanks to Brandolars, who been always trying something new. Thanks to canadianscott for watching all those horror films and to alexanderdiestler for enduring so many awful fan fictions for our enjoyment.

Thanks to theoriginaldjrm, menoth22, higgsbosoff, xenomorph28 and austinverse for raising the standards of our posts. Thanks to the countless other contributors who have chipped in when they can and offered words of encouragement when they can’t.

Last of all, thanks to everyone who has commented, shared and liked our posts and especially those who have viewed the site so many times we’re at the level we are.

I also want to personally thank Nerditis, as its been a place thats welcoming and has tolerated me slowly getting my shit together as a writer, so at the age of 24, I’m a little bit happier with where I’m at.

Hopefully the 18 year old me would approve.

As I was doing this at 18, that me has no right to complain

As I was doing this at 18, that me has no right to claim a moral high ground

As for this weeks Moment of Nerdy awesome, well have some 50s crooner inspired horror punk courtesy of the Misfits. I’m off to see them tomorrow, thanks to a wonderful birthday gift from my partner and long term ‘putter-up-of-my-shit’, Lily.

Sure, it will be odd as the only original member in the band is a born again Christian. But they still managed to make a music video with George Romero, so if that isn’t slightly nerdy, I don’t know what is 😉

Lets make this a year to remember.

Thanks for sticking with Nerditis so far. Lets see where we go from here 🙂

2 responses to “Nerdy Moment of Awesome-Its Ma Birthday!

  1. Hey, happy birthday! And thanks for the props – and congratulations for everybody, contributors and viewers alike for the great opportunity that is this site!

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