Wizard World Chicago 2013: Day 1

The Wizard World Chicago Comic con is happening this weekend and I am attending.  I have been going to Wizard World Chicago for over ten years now.  This year things are already different.  Normally it takes place in the main hall of the Rosemont convention center, this year however it has been moved to the other side of the building and split between two floors.  I went up and down the stairs a lot today.  Anyway on to the events I attended.

I went to the Trailer Park panel which is basically just an hour of movie trailers.  This is the first year they have had this particular event in a long time.  It used to be a Wizard World regular but then it vanished for a few years, I am glad to see it back.  To be honest it got off to an awkward start with out host but once we got into a groove it went better.  The trailers they showed can all be seen online but the best part was when after watching the trailers for Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Kills and then 47 Ronin starring Keanu Reeves the host and a few members of the audience got to talking about multicultural representation in mainstream movies, or rather the lack of it.  There is actually going to be a panel on the same subject Sunday.  After a few horror movie trailers they talked about how the victims of ghost haunting and other paranormal terrors are always idealized white families and proceeded to make some entertaining jokes about it.

Afterwards I attended the Wonder Women for the 21st Century panel.  On the panel were Jenny Frison, Chrissie Zullo, and Dr Rebecca Housel.  Joe Linsner was also scheduled to be on the panel but he never showed up which is not surprising considering his recent conflict with one of his former collaborators.  They went on to talk about the usual subjects from sexy costumes to women in refrigerators.  I am probably misquoting a bit but at one point someone said that a story does not have to be uplifting to women, it just needs to not put them down.


Well lets get to the part that people really come here for, Cosplay Pictures.


I will be back for another recap and more pictures.

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