Nerds Give from the Heart


Hey Nerditisites, Ford Thundercougarfalconbird here.

Most of you don’t know me, but I live in Oklahoma City. Specifically near where the devastating tornado hit on May 20th of this year. Directly in the path of the tornado were two elementary schools, Briarwood and Plaza Towers in the Moore, Oklahoma school district. Both schools were completely destroyed, children were injured and a few in Plaza Towers Elementary were killed. Now school is starting again, and life is getting back to normal.

But Ford, you say, what does this have to do with us Nerditis sufferers? Well, one of the first grade teachers had a huge Batman collection in her classroom, most of which was lost. This collection helped her bond with the students, and was also a way she bonded with her father when she was a girl.

Rebuilding a collection like that is difficult on a public teacher’s salary, so a toy drive has been started to rebuild her Batman collection. If you have any Batman action figures or assorted Batman items lying around that you no longer need, you can pack them up and send them to Oklahoma where they will find a home in a first grade classroom. Nothing super valuable, remember, these are 6-7 year olds!

You can send them to: Batman Donations, 15408 Homecoming Drive, Edmond, OK 73013 USA

Hit the links below to read the full story.



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