Wizard World Chicago 2013: Day 3

I know its coming down a little late but here is the final recap for this years Wizard World Chicago Comic Con.

I went to more panels on Sunday than any other day this weekend.  Out of curiosity I checked out the Hack/Slash Retrospective panel with series creator Tim Seeley.  It was interesting enough but I still can’t decide if I want to pick up the series or not.

After that I went to the Battle for Multicultural Heroes panel.  This was one of the highlights of the convention in my opinion and it was over far too soon.  One of the overall messages that came across in the panel was that instead of trying to impose diversity on old mythologies we should be creating new diverse heroic mythologies for our changed world.  The panel ended with everyone in the room being invited up front for a group photo.

The last panel I went to for the day was Exorcising the Specter of the Fake Geek Girl.  They had this panel last C2E2 and it was held in a tiny room that was not able to accommodate the amount of people that wanted to attend.  Wizard World held the panel in a room of equal size to the others and easily allowed everyone to attend that wanted.  The panel covered the territory of sexism and gate keeping and related issues.

I found Wizard World Chicago quite enjoyable this year despite the location change and occasionally non-functioning escalators.  Here are the last set of cosplay pictures I was able to take.






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