I love Grant Morrison part 1: The start of an affair

I remember it pretty clearly. I was 15 and sitting in my local library. It was a so so day in the summer and I had found a weird little trade of a comic (yes, my library stocks comics-its awesome) called Animal Man. Nice cover on the front that made it stand out.


At the time, I was reading all sort of comics really, but in mostly a surface way. They were still a kids thing to me, a guilty pleasure to be honest and I wanted nothing beyond that, even if I had been raised on stuff like 2000AD and had read some 70s/and 80s stuff by the Big Two. You know the types, big text boxes that waxed lyrical about the meanings of life in a very 60s, new age way , but nevertheless had time to include the sound effects of people being hit like ‘paf’ and ‘whoomph’. All very quaint compared to todays comics.

Anyway, there I was, reading the first trade and I got to the last story called “The Coyote Gospel”. It was weird, but I figured it was doing just a funny riff on the Warner Bros cartoon of the 30s and 40s, even it it was odd that it didn’t star Animal Man or anything. Then I came across the last page.

Which blew my entire fucking mind.

and that ladies and gentlemen, was how I fell in love with Grant Morrison. It was just the start of a crazy, fucked up relationship I was going to have with the mans works.

One response to “I love Grant Morrison part 1: The start of an affair

  1. I don’t always care for everything Grant Morrison does — he can be too precious for me — but damn, the Coyote Gospel is one of my top five individual issues ever of anything.

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