Spoiller alert! you’ve been warned…


Hey Folks, It’s been a long Dry summer, I’ve been reading my books faithfully however It’s been a while since I’ve come across a Hell Yeah moments, till this week that is.  With the conclusion of the Trinity War making a splash on spinner racks everywhere Geoff Johns did not disappoint!


First off watching Constantine handle Pandora’s (Skull) Box and not be affected by it at all way classic. And chalking it up to his misaligned soul and his ability to deal with it  rather than suppress it was a beautiful way to light the match and set off the obligatory Super hero conflict. I mean nobody trust John anyway, right?


Secondly watching the newly sentient Grid Rip himself away from Cyborg’s remaining Flesh leaving the hunk of meat lying on the floor like some rancid refuse at an abattoir



Thirdly The revelation that The Atom was in fact in the story for the triple cross, not actually working for the JLA or the JL but furthering her own agenda by what ever means possible. She was also the real reason behind Superman’s poisoning and killing of Doctor Light having placed a microscopic shard of Kryponite inside his brain hitting a nerve and activating his heat vision in the process.


Fourthly The homage to Peter David’s  Aquaman run as a portal opens and Arthur Curry steps through. Not only bearing a sword instead of a left hand (a la Hook) but also wear a variation of his brother Orm’s (Ocean Master’s) Costume, looking supremely awesome in it too I must say.

This was certainly the most memorable issue of anything I’ve read in a while.

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