The Wolverine Sequels – 4 potential storylines and Villains


I thoroughly enjoyed The Wolverine this summer and after the buzz and thrill of the movie finally wore off, I got to thinking.

What’s next?

Wolverine has close to 40 years of stories to draw from and though he is usually very careful about taking care of his enemies The have been known to re appears from time to time. The following are some suggestions for the next Wolverine movie in no particular order.


1)      Donald Pierce and the Reavers

Who would want to see Logan trash a whole crap load of Cyborgs. The story could find him in Australia facing off against a band of soldiers of fortune raising hell for fun and profit, or has Logan at a bank making a very mundane deposit when via Gateway (The Reavers mutant teleporter) the Cyborgs attack to make a forceful withdrawal. Taking hostages and killing civilians. Wolverine would have to follow them to put an end to their

terror spree.Image

They could even incorporate the iconic visual of Donald Pierce crucifying Logan on the X in the outback.


2)      The Marauders and the Mutant massacre

This would be a great way to have Logan face off against Sabertooth again. I see it as a 20 minute Parkour slug fest through the sewers of New York. (I know it would be a challenge to the actor but I have faith in their ability to pull it off) This would also be a great to up the ante and have Logan run the gambit of stone cold  mutant killers from Arclight to Vertigo the marauders have had some truly brutal villains in their lineup. I’d like to see some more physical mutations as well so it would be great to introduce the Morlocks.


3)      Romulus and Daken

Romulus is a mysterious immortal that has been manipulating Wolverine his entire life. In fact he has been manipulating Logan’s entire families bloodline for generations. (I would assume to create the perfect warrior but the reasoning behind the manipulation was never made clear aside from being a bored immortal.


Daken is Logan’s son, after the events of the latest movie it would be the perfect tie in. Revealing Logan’s time spent in Japan during WW2 and now having his half Japanese son show up to settle perceived slights and grudges incurred   because of the abandonment of his mother (also the brainwashing of Romulus) It would be the equivalent of Wolverine having to fight 2 of himself in order to take control of his destiny.


4)      Omega Red

Although Omega Red’s relevance since the fall of the U.S.S.R has diminished considerably, it would be interesting to have the “Old Team” of Team X reunited. Maverick, Silver Fox, Mastodon through some clever manipulation on Omega’s  part in order to extract some measure of revenge for his being placed in cryo-sleep because they had stolen the Carbonadium Synthesizer which was created to control Red’s mutant  powers. A good old fashion revenge story.

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