Some casting rumours to brighten up your day

Theres good news… and bad news


Hey everyone, remember geekdoms favorite* properties in the whole world?! Well today, we have read casting rumours about not only the new Star Wars film but the much loved** upcoming 50 Shades of Grey film! Yay!


Current casting rumours indicate that Benedict Cumberbatch of Sherlock and WarHorse fame may have a part. So for all those out there that need their fix of arrogant British people should be sated. Given the role of people with British accents in the prior Star Wars films, I think its safe to say he may be a Sith of some kind. Now, in other news, a piece that all the very confused BDSM lovers of the book series by E.L. James (E.L. stands for Early Learning) will be pleased to hear: Dakota Johnson has been cast in the role of Anastasia Steele and Charlie Hunnam in the role of Christian Grey. If you were wondering who either are- well so am I!

Wait, you thought that film wasn’t going ahead? Film producers laugh at your naivety.

Admittedly Hunnam has had bigger roles of late thanks to his turn in Pacific Rim, but regardless, I’m getting the same vibe I got when I heard about the Twilight films. These films are gonna be cheaply done, I bet you.

Which I suppose is appropriate given 50 Shades of Grey’s origins.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this? I mean, Sherlock having sith powers isn’t a bad thing right? Let us know on Twitter

*favorite judged by just how much of the internet is dedicated to hosting rants about the topic?

**see * but replace the word ‘favorite’ with ‘loved’. Use that brain of yours.

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