Awesomes – Episode Recap – Paternity

Awesomes banner

In my series overview, I accused The Awesomes of being boilerplate superhero plots. I was wrong. While some themes may be familiar to comics or DCAU fans, it is taking superheroes in a new, stranger direction, as Paternity shows us.

The episode opens with various new sources reporting on The Awesomes, largely unfavorably. We fade to Maloccio, who is watching the news gleefully. In a convenient monologue he lets us know that it has been his plan all along to discredit the current team known as The Awesomes, and even takes a call from a disguised voice that we learn is a mole on the team.

We cut to a devastated street scene, and find Prock chewing out Muscle Man for the carnage he’s created while apprehending a child who has stolen a Tori Amos CD (which to this author seems terribly and sadly retro in so many ways).  Muscle Man is totally unappologetic abut the devastation and says “It’s 2013 if we’ve learned anything it’s that mistakes have no consequences!”

This line made me die a little with the truthy-ness of it.

Suddenly Muscle Man is apprehended by an alien who can best be described as having boobs for a head.

It’s a paternity suit as it turns out.

We learn that Muscle Man has a thing for… well… aliens, and we get to see a montage of various people walking in on him and… things. It’s enough to make fans of FFF wonder. Well, maybe not FFF fans. They’re weird.

Now those of us who have read or seen DC’s products, might be familiar with the whole idea of an Alien Trial. I promise you however, that you’ve not seen one like this.

Let’s just say that the aliens are more like us than we’d care to admit.  Boob heads and all.

Muscle Man chooses Impressario and Frantic to be his defending attorneys which upsets Prock as one might expect.

Meanwhile, a level 5 alert has been sounded in the city and Gadget Girl and Tim / Sumo are sent to investigate.

It’s safe to say that everyone learns something in this episode, and that all the characters are given a chance to grow.

– Other observations

Gadget Gal and Tim make a pretty good team.

Prock is not as essential to the team as he or we originally thought.

Muscle Man is stranger than we originally thought.

A mole on the team? The obvious choice would be Hotwire, but who could it really be?

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