FanFiction Friday: The “Doctor” Gets Naughty in “A Different Dr Who”

I’d like to talk quickly about FFF submissions. Firstly, I NEED them. I’m becoming increasingly busy, and don’t have as much time to search for decent stories to brutally tear apart. Secondly, to hit the FFF sweet spot, they have to be between 2000-4000 words long. Shorter, you feel screwed. Longer, I contemplate killing myself. But that range seems to work well. Thirdly, to submit them, you can send them to, or my tumblr or twitter. If you send me an email, I won’t respond. Your best bet to get a resonse is through tumblr.

Now, this story by Gary Cutter (I doubt it’s his real name), can get on the road.

The body on the floor of the Tardis stirred and finally by hanging onto the
control panel clambered to his feet. He felt sick and dizzy knowing
immediately what had happened, he’d rejuvenated. Memories came flooding
back, regret at leaving old friends behind, regrets at finally losing Donna
who would never remember her glorious world saving and other adventures. A
memory of Bad Wolf Bay and leaving the ersatz Doctor with Rose Tyler,
different times and different places.

Is anyone else supremely disturbed that it specifies ‘rejuvenation’ instead of ‘regeneration’?

He looked at his hands, smooth, pink and definitely of Caucasian
form… better than being an intelligent frog he supposed.

I’ll say.

‘I am the Doctor,’ he tried it out and was surprised to hear the
youthfulness in his voice. A mirror quickly.

…”A mirror quickly”?

‘Golly gosh,’ he breathed. ‘A beach bum… a surfer dude,’ he laughed. He
rushed to the bathroom and stood thunderstruck before a full length mirror
one of his few vanities. He was naked which was not unusual but he was
gorgeous. He preened himself and had doubts. No one would accept a world
saviour who looked like an nineteen or twenty year old beach bum. Shaggy
blond hair framed his regular Nordic features, sweet lips, snub nose and
eyes of a brilliant blue. ‘I am so dishy,’ he giggled boyishly. Looking
down he admired his broad hairless chest, his darker pink nipples, his cute
innie and then his blond fair haired pubic bush. Finally, he held his
penis, fat and heavy it felt like a fleshy club as he experimentally peeled
back his foreskin to expose his dark red glans with just the hint of a
gleam. He was so damn good looking and unusually for one of his
reincarnations he was sexy and felt sexy. He grinned as he felt himself
harden in his own hand. Out of pure curiosity you understand he stepped
into the shower and slowy manipulated himself to full hardness.

Two things. Number one, he’s apparently turned into PewDiePie. Secondly, this is so un-doctor-like, that this guy might as well not even be the doctor. SIR, I DOUBT THE VERISMILITUDE OF YOUR DOCTOR WHO REGENERATION MASTURBATION FIC.

His past Doctor forms had been sexless or asexual, not this one though. He
groaned as he felt his flesh harden into a solid chunk that must have been
at least the so called planetary average of six inches maybe even seven. As
he hardened up he thought again, he was well up on that, seven and a half
give or take a smidgeon. Nothing outrageous but something that needed
attention. He slowly carried out the unfamiliar motions of what they called
a jerk off or a wank. It felt good and as he progressed his organ got
harder and harder, he felt his scrotum tighten up and finally he felt it,
the big IT.

…”he felt his scrotum tighten up”? Also, what’s “the big IT.” A shovel? A shotgun? Please be a shotgun.

‘Gods…’ he whined as he felt his climax rise and the searing heat shot up
his hardness and spurted and squirted in thick, creamy, white gouts of
semen against the partition of the shower. He slumped squeezing the residue
from the end of his softening cock… this time his companion would need to
be attuned to his desires. No more virginal young ladies or mouthy twenty
somethings, he needed someone he could bed and enjoy. Someone who would
enjoy him as well and he had an inkling who it could be. No more companions
by accident, the next one would be selected and one image came from his
masturbatory fantasy… a boy, a fourteen year old boy. Maybe not all that
legal in some of the Earth’s societies but on the Tardis he was the law, he
was a Time Lord and human conventions didn’t concern him that much.

Oh, sweet Christ, the Doctor is a pedophile.

He dried off and ate. He had a good appetite as was normal after a change
and after that he sorted out some suitable clothing, faded jeans with a
little tear on the knee, a plain white t-shirt and a heavy blue jean
jacket. He looked and felt a bit like Village Person done up for a Sunday
service but the stuff was comfortable and fitted his youth. He set the
Tardis back to planet Earth, England, London’s suburbs and one road in
particular. A little tweak of the controls and he was fined down to one
particular driveway. ‘Hit it, handsome,’ he grinned at himself as he
pressed the drive.

There are so many things wrong here, I can’t even list them all.

Sarah Jane Smith looked up from where she was preparing her and Luke’s
evening meal. A faint sound, a familiar sound which got louder and louder
and she parted the curtains to see the blue police box materialise at the
edge of the gravel drive just out of sight of the road. ‘Luke, Luke… come
down,’ she shouted up the stairs and rushed out of the house. It had been a
week since the moving of the planet and the press had been full of stories,
most of them complete tripe but a few had skirted on the main event and
others had been nearly true… these had been confined to the more lurid
tabloids it had to be said.

She faced the Tardis and waited with Luke scurrying out to stand by her
side. She nearly fell on her face as a complete stranger stepped from the
box. No more good looking early thirties with a Scots accent but a scruffy
and slightly disheveled teenager looking remarkably like a surfer boy in
his late teens.

I suddenly love Steven Moffat.

‘Who the hell’s he?’ Luke whispered.

”I’m the Doctor,’ the stranger spoke and smiled at them both. ‘Hi, Sarah
Jane and Luke.’

It’s okay to cry right now. I know I am.

‘You’re not,’ Sarah breathed in shock. ‘You’re too young.’

“Also, you’re a pedophile!”

‘It had to happen sooner or later,’ the young man grinned. ‘I’m starving.’

‘Dinner’s just about ready,’ Sarah smiled uncertainly. The teen could well
be the Doctor in another guise but he was so young… and so dishy. He was
a dream and she saw Luke was agog. The boy’s eyes were nearly out on stalks
as he gazed at the vision who had stepped into his life. The Doctor didn’t
pay social visits and Sarah wondered what was happening but English
courtesy won out in the end. She invited the stranger into her house. ‘A
new Doctor’ she muttered to herself. ‘Unbelievable.’

“A pedophile Doctor. Unbelievable.”

‘Fancy him do you?’ Luke giggled by her side.

‘I should ask you the same question,’ Sarah snapped back smiling as she saw
her adopted son blush.

Die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die

Dinner was a slightly strained and strange affair, the new Doctor was most
undoctorish cracking jokes and generally being boyish rather than acting as
a Time Lord should but he was the real thing. Sarah Jane asked him various
questions and had to give up, this man in a boy’s form was genuine and in
the end the question had to be asked.


‘I’m trying not to be rude,’ Sarah smiled. ‘But what are you doing back so

“I was going to molest your son.”

‘I’m searching,’ the Doctor gazed into the flickering fire. ‘When I was
gifted this form I had a good think about my immediate future…’ He paused
and accepted a soft drink as Luke passed one over.

‘Go on,’ Sarah prompted.

‘I have never had a form this young,’ the Doctor continued. ‘Secondly I
seem to get companions by accident, a cosmic lottery if you wish… I have
never selected one.’  He took a sip of his drink. ‘Thirdly I have found I
do need company, I bounce off people, their minds fuel mine, their humanity
keeps me human.’


‘And the point?’ Luke asked boldly getting himself a frown from his mother.

‘I need a companion,’ The blond spoke directly to Luke.  ‘As young as I
appear to be…  as brilliant as I am…  and you are supposed to be…’

Suicide is painless, it brings on many changes…

‘Luke is a genius,’ Sarah interrupted.

‘And a young genius,’ the Doctor smiled. ‘I rest my case.’

‘You want Luke to fly away with you?’ Sarah looked astonished. Luke by her
side looked just as surprised.

“No, I want to stick my Time-Lord dick up his ass. How do you not get this?”

‘Maybe a few years… an extended and early gap year. I sense Luke needs to
broaden his mind and he hardly needs the routine education. Would you deny
your boy the adventure of a lifetime… an adventure you’ve already had?’
the Doctor smiled.

‘I need to think about it,’ Sarah mumbled.

‘And so does Luke,’ the Doctor rose to his feet. ‘I have some work to do in
the Tardis but I shall be leaving at midday tomorrow. I need a decision by
then.’ He bowed to them slightly and wished them goodnight leaving to
return to his lonely home. Once out in the cool night air he smiled. He was
a good enough student of human nature to sense that Luke was hooked. It
maybe a boy’s inherant sense of adventure but he sensed there was something
else there.

Sweet Christ make it end.

Around mid morning and after a relaxing shower and another jerk off he
wandered out into the garden. He walked around admiring the organised mess,
nothing is what it seems. He saw that the shrubbery was pruned and that
early winter bulbs were beginning to show. Sarah did work the plot but
probably not Luke… gardening was hardly a boy thing. He smiled to
himself, he should have checked out the boy’s bedroom, scents and physical
evidence were hard to hide and also gave a lot away about an adolescent’s
life style and bent if that was the word.

What the fuck are you talking about.

‘Hi, Doctor. Coffee, tea?’ Luke peered from the kitchen with a big grin.

“Sure, Luke. And here, put this ruphy in yours!”

‘A nice relaxing cup of tea,’ the Doctor smiled. From Luke’s expression the
decision had been made and it was favourable to both Luke and the Doctor,
he had his new companion and just a little more.

In the kitchen Sarah Jane was seated, red eyed and slighly subdued, she
still smiled and wished her visitor a good morning. ‘Luke is going with
you,’ she muttered.

“Now, Luke, when he fucks you in your underage ass, make sure he doesn’t use a condom, and uses as little lube as possible.”

Shit. I tohted myself.

‘Don’t worry… I’ll look after him.’

“Don’t worry… I’ll anally molest him.”

‘I know you will,’ Sarah choked. ‘I’ll miss him.’

‘I can return him five years older in twenty four hours your time,’ the
Doctor offered.

‘No, don’t mess with his time line,’ Sarah pleaded and hurried from the

‘She cried a lot last night when I said I wanted to go,’ Luke explained.

‘That just shows she loves you. Sooner done the better then.’ The Time Lord
stood and stretched his arms above his head and yawned. ‘Say your good
byes, I shall await you at the Tardis… the adventure begins.’

“The molestation begins.”

Fifteen minutes later a subdued Luke wandered into the garden carrying a
small holdall and was seen off by Sarah Jane. She was clutching a
handkerchief but remained dry eyed and as Luke stepped into the Tardis with
a small wave she stepped out of the house. ‘Look after him,’ she called to
the Doctor who rushed over and gave her a hug.

‘I’ll return him safe and sound, Sarah,’ he promised.

‘And a bit more educated?’ She smiled wanly.

‘And that too,’ he agreed and after a swift kiss on the cheek he returned
to his machine. Now to see that everyrthing worked correctly and he was
thinking more of his new body that his old machine, that worked
perfectly. Luke watched silently as the Doctor walked around setting things
up and moments later the ‘whoosh, whoosh’ started and they were on the

‘Where are we going?’

‘Somewhere pleasant for a bit of R+R.’

‘What’s that?’

‘I thought you were a genius,’ the Doctor laughed. ‘Rest and
recreation… you need feeding up, some time in the sun, some chilling.’

‘Sounds good, Doctor.’ Luke finally laughed.


‘Another thing. Luke,’ the Doctor smiled. ‘Pick me a name… I believe you
had your own name selected.’

‘Yes, Doc…’

‘Stop.’ The blond beach boy type laughed. ‘I can’t stand it… choose me a
suitable name, one for us to use on a day to day basis.’

‘Fred, George, Henry… Andy, Dave Josh… Joe, Sam… ‘

‘Joe, I like Joe,’ the Doctor smiled. ‘Joseph, Joe being the
diminutive… Yeah, I like it.’


‘OK, Joe,’ Luke smiled. ‘It suits you, sorta butch and er… whatnot.’

‘Fine, Joe it is,’ the newly named Joe grinned. ‘Get ’em off…’


‘Get ’em off, I need to run a medical. Strip down to your underwear and
stand in the tube,’ Joe pointed to a man sized tube of what appeared to be
thick glass that had risen from the floor. ‘Come on, I’m not a flesh eating

‘Just a bit pushy,’ Luke laughed. ‘Are you serious?’


‘I am,’ Joe laughed. ‘Just a checkup and some treatments for the future.’


‘A very important one, an implant that will enable you to communicate in
any language. ‘Someone speaks to you in Latin, you understand and can
reply… a basic for time and space travellers that one.’


‘Hey, sounds good,’ Luke smiled to Joe’s relief. ‘Striptease?’ He ginned.

‘Yes please,’ Joe noticed that the boy seemed to have grown a new
personality all of a sudden. Gone the rather meek and studious Luke Smith,
now the smiling and open teenager ready for a laugh and a giggle. Far
better and far more normal. No more nerd, here was a mini jock.’

‘Trousers as well?’ Luke stood barechested and Joe noted the smoothness,
the pale skin and dark nipples, the smooth belly without the blemish of a
belly button. Now that was a turn on quite by itself. If you don’t know why
Luke is without a navel then you clearly haven’t followed ‘The Sarah Jane
Adventures’. Gods he was getting hard looking at a fourteen year old
schoolkid… too much.


‘Yes, please, trainers and socks as well if you don’t mind.’

Luke stripped down to his briefs and stood awkwardly covering his groin
with his hands but not before Joe had noticed the appreciable lump at the
boy’s crotch, he was no midget that was for sure and Joe grinned as he
maneuvered the unresisting boy’s body into the glass tube.

Moments later Luke stood as still as he could as a rosy pink light bathed
his head and shoulders.

Definitely a genius,’ Joe intoned looking at his keypad. ‘Enlarged lobes,
larger than normal memory and budding zit by the corner of the mouth.’

The glow dropped to cover his chest and belly as Luke giggled and fingured
the side of his mouth.

‘One heart, a set of lungs and all the other messy bits all in good working
order,’ Joe spoke again and the light dropped again to cover Luke’s pelvis

‘Now this is interesting,’ Joe smiled.


‘All the right equipment in the right places and all in working
order… but…’

‘But what,’ Luke demanded. ‘That pink thing isn’t making me sterile or
anything is it?’

‘No,’ Joe dropped the light again to cover Luke from the thighs down to his
feet. ‘I was going to say that your Bane makers did a perfect job and they
must have intended breeding. You have a very high sperm count. Spunky Boy’

‘Oh,’ Luke blushed furiously. ‘Sarah told you about the Bane?’

‘Of course, it’s all on record,’ Joe smiled. ‘You are totally human and far
more human than I am.’

‘Good,’ Luke smiled. ‘Do I get a tour now you’ve examined all my bits and

‘Why not?’ Joe looked at the boy as he emerged from the medical examination
tube. Luke was slighly sallow and would suntan easily, he would also fill
out well, he had good bone structure and the examination had revealed his
penis as clear as if it had been spotlighted. Probably around the four inch
mark soft and curled which meant bigger when erect which was quite normal
for a boy of his built and he was uncircumcised. Apparently the Bane didn’t
follow the Jewish customs although the appendix and tonsils had been
removed or missed in Luke’s construction. Luke stood there quite
comfortably in his briefs but then again it was warm in the Tardis. The
Doctor or Joe as he now preferred to be called was quite happily ogling the
near naked boy, he didn’t suggest getting clothed again.

I’m going to skip a bunch of boring dialogue now, because I just want this to end so I can kill myself.

‘Oh,’ Joe studied the boy. ‘How do you sleep?’

‘Well as I have no jim jams it’ll have to be commando, it’s healthier,’
Luke stood and peeled back the bedding and then after sitting quickly
slipped his briefs off and hopped into the bed.

Joe was watching from the corner of his eye and got himself a flash of
smooth white bottom and another of swinging cock before both were
covered. He went around the other side of the bed and sitting also removed
his clothing and furtively slid into the bed. He was aware of Luke staring
at him all the while and tried to ignore the boy’s gaze.


‘Warm enough?’ He glanced across to Luke who was laying about a foot away
in the big bed.

‘Yeah, cosy,’ Luke sniggered. ‘If Sarah Jane could see us now, snuggled up
in the same bed… and naked.’

‘Hardly snuggled up,’ Joe protested as he felt Luke move. He wasn’t too
sure but assumed it was closer and matched the boy’s little shuffle. ‘Oh,
fuck it,’ he reached out and draped an arm across the boy’s chest and
turned inwards to face his new companion.

‘About time,’ Luke giggled and turned in as well moving in even closer.

‘All boys together,’ Joe whispered moving in even closer until his penis
pressed against the boy and that was it. Luke’s arm sneaked out and pulled
them in close and tight. Joe’s straining erection pressed against Luke’s
smaller but just as hard penis.

‘This is more like it,’ Luke smiled and moved slowly against his taller
bedmate. He’d played boy games with his pal Clyde but never with anyone as
old as the Doctor. Although he looked eighteen he was hundreds of years old
and surprisingly seemed inexperienced. ‘Do you want me, Joe?’

‘More than anything,’ Joe breathed heavily as he reached around Luke
grasping the boy’s smooth bottom and Luke sighed in satisfaction as he
pushed in harder grinding his erection up against Joe’s.

‘Hope you’ve got some starters then.’

‘Starters?’ Joe looked bewildered.

‘Lube,’ Luke giggled. ‘You’re not sticking that thing in me dry,’ he pulled
a face. ‘Hang on. I’m going to check out the bathroom.’ He slipped from the
bed and with his white bottom jiggling ran across the bedroom. Joe sighed,
he was out of his depth here. He knew what he wanted and what he
desperately needed. He had to rely on Luke who seemed to have some
experience, he was in the boy’s hands in more ways than one but… he had
picked well. Luke was the boy and there was no doubt about that.

‘Find anything?’ Joe asked as Luke sauntered back into the bedroom with his
jerking boy cock jutting from his belly.

…”jerking boy cock”.

‘Yeah,’ Luke grinned and looked down at Joe in the bed. ‘You’ve never done
it with a boy, have you?’

‘I haven’t done it with a girl either for a couple of hundred years.’

‘OK… fine,’ Luke smiled down at the bed and tugged the bedding down
exposing his captive beach boy in all his blond glory. ‘Now I teach you
something.’ He clambered onto the bed and parting Joe’s legs crouched
between them. His first move was to handle Joe’s furry ballbag and lap the
full length of Joe’s twitching meat. As Joe closed his eyes and sighed Luke
grinned, he knew what he was doing and thanked the hours spent in furtive
couplings and other sex with Clyde. He’d miss Clyde in the future but Joe
was a more than adequate substitute. His bottom clenched as he thought of
that meaty mass moving within him. Such juicy balls as well, he grinned as
he felt the spongy nuts in their squeezy purse. He held Joe’s cock which
had to be a seven verging on seven and a half upright and sank his mouth
over the end. As Joe groaned he bobbed his head up and down taking in more
and more until Joe begged him to stop. The blond was on the verge of cuming
and that wasn’t Luke’s endgame. Straddling Joe’s smooth and muscular chest
he moved up and Joe with his eyes now wide open guessed what he has to
do. As Luke’s straining member neared his face he took the boy’s thick
shaft in hand and brought it to his lips.


‘Go on,’ Luke croaked and gave a little pelvic thrust and then felt the wet
warmth as Joe licked his glans and then took the now slippery and oozing
knob into his mouth. ‘Yeah, yeah,’ Luke groaned as he moved in and out of
Joe’s eagerly sucking.

Joe had been sucked for a little while and was savouring boy cock for the
first time, he liked it, he liked the taste of fresh boy but what came next
was one out of the blue. He felt an oiled hand grasp his erection as Luke
raised himself on his knees. ‘What are you doing?’

‘What you want?’ Luke grinned down and massaged Joe’s hardness with his
oiled hands. He held the shiny and throbbing weapon upright and wriggled
around until he felt it in his crack and pushing against his ring.

‘Oh, my Gawd,’ Joe moaned as he felt the pressure and then a jerk as Luke’s
sphincter parted to admit the pre oiled and dribbling mass beneath.

‘Aaaaah,’ Luke wailed but it was too late now, he was pierced on Joe’s cock
and he slowly felt it fill him as Joe quite automatically grabbed his hips
and held him steady. As Luke gently moved up and down Joe guided and gently
tugged his lover’s hips down feeling himself sink deeper and deeper into
the delicious warmth and tightness. ‘Jeez, it’s so big,’ Luke whined as he
felt the mass in his belly. ‘Keep it in and roll on our sides,’ Luke cried
out. ‘Keep it in.’

I never thought I’d say this, but THANK GOD WE’RE FINALLY TO THE ANAL MOLESTATION.

Joe hadn’t the slightest idea what was going on. Well, he did and it was
all good, any advice and instructions he received from his young partner
were going to be obeyed to the letter. They rolled onto their side so that
Joe was laying on one of Luke’s legs and the other rested on his
waist. Without being told he suddenly got it, with a struggle he assumed
the upper position and gazed down at Luke’s tearful face. ‘Shall I stop?’

‘Too late now,’ Luke surprisingly grinned and wrapped his legs around Joe’s
waist so that they crossed on his back. ‘Now nice and slow… nice and

Joe moved up and as he did so he felt himself slide deeper into Luke so
that his meaty mass was completely absorbed by the younger boy and his
belly was crushing against Luke’s own hardness. They were belly to belly
and Joe couldn’t hold back any longer. This new sensation, this beautiful
feeling was too much to bear and as he moved he felt Luke relax and kiss
his shoulders and chest. A move of his head and he was kissing his
beautiful lover and moving in and out at the same time.


‘Now that is ace,’ Luke whispered and crushed his legs onto Joe’s back. Joe
replied by going harder and faster, digging deeper and deeper into warm
living flesh.

‘If Sarah Jane could see me now,’ Luke grinned up and pulled himself onto
the thrusts, Joe’s swollen cock was stretching him as never before but he
didn’t mind. This was what you called a fuck and he clamped his bottom
fiercely on the hot cock sliding in and out of his bottom .

‘I think… I think, I’m…’ Joe rasped and then rammed in deep and hard
for the last time and his straining cock climaxed a massive hot creamy mess
in squirt after squirt which had Luke writhing on the pumping monster deep
in his belly.

‘Oh my, you cum like a horse,’ he moaned with absolute satisfaction as he
felt the stiff muscle in his belly glide in and out on a coating of it’s
own pearly cum. His first Joe fuck and certainly not his last. His
stretched fanny felt as big as a horse collar as Joe continued to move but
it was all over now. Not quite, he smiled as he reached around and clasped
Joe’s muscular buttocks. He wondered if the Time Lord knew the expression:
‘What goes around comes around’. If not, he was about to find out.

‘Now that made the rejuvanation all worth while,’ Joe smiled tiredly and
slid free. ‘That was fantastic.’

‘A couple of hundred year old virgin dejuiced,’ Luke grinned as they went
back on their sides and cuddled quite comfortably in their new

‘A bit more than two hundred years,’ Joe grinned. ‘Many more in fact but
never mind, this has given me a brand new hobby.’


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