Comic Book Storytelling: The Star Wars

Today I will be looking at The Star Wars, the comic book from Dark Horse based on George Lucas’ first rough draft of the script for Star Wars.


I will say that it is an interesting read.  There are a lot of familiar names but with completely different faces.  It is kind of neat to see all of these different character ideas before a lot of them got rolled into each other for the movie.  Throughout the comic there are lots of little nods to the films and the most interesting parts overall are from the art while the story does indeed feel like a rough draft done by an amateur.  A lot of characters are introduced very quickly and then we are asked to sympathize with them but the tragedy and dramatic reveals don’t have much impact because we have hardly been given any room to get to know them yet.

Overall the first issue was okay so I will probably continue with this series mostly because I am interested to see more of the prototypes for the story and character ideas that became the Star Wars movies.  Before I leave you here are a few final observations.  The Emperor looks like a Ming the Merciless knockoff.  It is kind of ridiculous how much the original Luke Skywalker and Kane Starkiller look alike, I guess originally all Jedi were supposed to have identical beards and wear identical headgear.  Is Princess Leia supposed to look like she is twelve years old?  They don’t give her or anyone else a specific age but she looks very childlike.

Okay then see you all next week with another Comic Book Storytelling.

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