Review: S.H.Figuarts Sky High

Price Paid $19.99(Selected free S&H)
Year of Release: 2012
Series: Tiger & Bunny
Character: Sky High

What is Tiger & Bunny and why should it appeal to you

Well, it’s an Anime that’s themed after western superheros. one of those 20 min into the future scenarios, some people called NEXT get super powers and become heroes. There’s a show that follows them around, and for every heroic feat they preform, they get points. Whoever gets the most points at the end of the show’s ‘Seasons’ is the king of heroes. The company logos are their sponsors that pay for the heroes and the damage they cause while doing heroics.

(Sorry, only version of the intro I could find had spanish subs. But if you can read it, esta bein para ti, no?)

That’s as much as I can tell you seeing as I’m only halfway into the show.

Why did I buy merch from a show I’m only halfway into? I don’t need to justify myself, but like all nerds, I will. I thought it looked interesting, and I got him cheap, and he has a retro-y look.

Anyway, let’s look at Sky High, AKA: Keith Goodman

So the box was a bit dinged(that’s what I get for choosing free shipping), but fortunately, the contents were undamaged.

Front of box

Side of Box

Bottom of box

Close up of some English Legalese

Short simple, and to the point.


Back of box

A close up of some slight Engrish

I could mock them, but did better than most native speaking teens this day with their text lingo

And that’s it for the box because I forgot to take photos of the other side.
The box is now in storage behind a large figure of Gumby, who is standing next to at least 25 precariously standing ponies, so let’s just say, I don’t want to risk it.

Ok, on to the figure itself!

Ok, so here’s what he looks like after you pull him out of the box. That kind of packaging always reminds me of Han Solo in carbonite. Why they don’t pose Han Solo like that, I’ll never know. It’s really a prime opportunity if you think about it.

Anyway, rambling aside, you can see he’s got an alternate damaged face plate(the tip of the spike gets broken off in one of the episodes) and the purple thing is holding the damaged tip(…I think? It looks like the tip, anyway)

He’s got parts to make it look like his rocket jets are active

(Pointless fun fact: That clock has no batteries, it’s only there to make my desk look more professional, well, as much as it can with 2 plushies on it….)

That aside, the last of his interchangeable parts are his extra hands. In addition to his standard fists(OF JUSTICE!), he’s got 2 saluting hands, 2 relaxed hands, and 2 spread hands that have a slight le cupping look for his wind ball attack

Back of figure

Out of the packaging, even in his default pose, he has a commanding appearance to him.

He’s about the same hight as the S.H.Figuarts Goku, so it’s nice they have a sort of same scale

He’s got a good range of motion, and his joints are sturdy enough, to keep the pose well

I swear this isn’t supposed to look like Gangnam style…I was going for a JoJo’s bizarre adventure esque pose

His skirt(which reminds me a lot of my robe I use for daily wear…) is made up of 2 solid parts held on a hinge. They may fall of, but they can easily be clipped on. I really like the details, like the lines for the pockets on the front, and ruffling by the ends on it, That aside, it makes front kicks look a bit silly if the skirt is flowing in an opposite direction

I really love the detail on his boots. And as you can see, in addition to the standard up-down/swivel left-right on his ankles, they can also tilt left and right!

Ok, you see that pic above? Also, click here for the full size one. anyway, all those circles? That’s the joints, and not even all of them, take the ankles I mention before, but there’s a ball joint for the hand, and a up down joint for the wrist! Granted it’s a bit limited by the hand guards, but still. He’s got his head on a ball joint, can’t go up or down much though, on account of his collar. He’s got 2 joints for his Epaulettes(the gold shoulder thingies.), a swivel joint for his upper arms, double jointed elbows and knees! He’s also got a ball joint in his chest, a swivel for his waist, and he’s got bendy toes! and he’s got 2 move moving thingies if you count the skirt!

I’m not sorry for geeking out about this. I’m just very exited about when it comes to joints.

Because of all that, he’s got a good range of motion, and he can stand on one leg

Have at thee!

The paint aps on the arms and rest of body are good. There is some slight blemishes and overlaps in some areas, but it’s nothing that’s too Jarring

That’s not a crack or scratch on his collar, it’s the seam where it’s put together. Shadow just makes look bigger than it is

To be honest, if I was gonna rate the paint applications, I’d give them about a 4.5 out of five. The small things you really need to zoom in on.

And in the mean time, while we’re focusing on the arms, let’s focus, on changing hands. You pop them off…


And you pop on another hand…

And there, it’s simple.

Now for the Jet pack! The jet pack it’self is pretty nice, has a retro future look to it, which is enhanced, by Sky High’s rocketeer esque helmet

Now for part swapping bit,

Ok, so you see the silver ring between the gold bits on the end of the exhaust pipes right? Well, that’s where it pops off, and you reattach the ones with the Jet exhaust

Pretty cool looking if you ask me.  They’re painted a bit on the top, but it the rest is made of slightly transparent plastic.

Now for the “Face”

It’s held on by a peg in the center of his Face,when you remove it, he looks kinda like a cyclops

As you can see, there’s a slight groove in the top of the helmet the the face plate to stay on more securely.

Ok, now for the face plate,

That’s it…one is longer and one has the tip clipped off

The spike length is the only difference in the 2, also, remember that purple thing I mentioned before, I keep thinking it’s supposed to be the broken off tip, you just need to cut it out

I may be wrong on that one though.

So, now for the final accessory….

The Stand…

Yeah, he comes with a stand! I didn’t find out until I saw some other reviews about it, bit surprised since Goku didn’t have one with him.

Anyway, it’s a cool sturdy thing.

Had to put it on top of a coaster to make it readable

I’s a lovely shade of dark purple(One of my favorite colors, so I’m biased…)
It says:



Not sure what Poseidon is, if it’s a sponsor of his, or something related to the Tiger and Bunny figure line.

Oh, and you have to cut out the “claws” and attach them to the stand

Anyway, the base is almost as tall as Sky High when fully erect(It’s OK, I giggled too.)
What this means is that when you have it clipped on under the gap between his back and Jet-pack, he’ll be suspended about an inch and 2/3 from the bottom of the base.

The stand is great, and pretty solid, I did have to tighten it a bit with a screw driver when I first got it, but it works fine now.

As you can see, it can also be used with other figures, in fact, I bought a stand for Goku. Said stand will also be be the basis for the next review I do.

Anyway, time for the final verdict:

1-5 rating system

Poseability: 4.0 

Whatever pose you do odds are this can copy them too. The reason it has 4 is that the gauntlets get in the way of the wrists a little, and the skirt limits some of the more dynamic posing, without the skirt, the rating would be a 4.5

Paint Applications 4.7 

Fantastic in my opinion, the quality on the paint is great.  gold looking gold bits, and bluish silver really make this figure shine in more ways than one. No imperfections on the white areas. and Product Placement on the figure is sharp and clear(If a bit small)
I’ll admit, there’s some slight over lapping in some areas, but you really need to zoom in on it to really notice it’s there.

Accessories: 4.0

It comes with the standard swap-able hands for this sort of figure. The differences in the face plate, aren’t really too impressive to make it stand out. The exhaust is a a good touch, but my favorite thing is the stand(Well, the stand with the exhaust on to complete the look, anyway). Useful and sturdy.

Overall: 4.8

Some slight grievances, but nothing major, I love it’s look, I love it’s quality, and it looks cool on my shelf of figures. I’d recommend picking him up, even if it’s just because you think he looks interesting.
For the price I paid, it’s quite the good deal. Speaking of the price; I paid 20 dollars for this which is pretty good if you ask me. Picked from a vendor with free shipping, which is good.  But the box came a bit dinged(As far as I know, I’m blaming that on the mail service).

Anyways, I’m happy with this purchase, and I’m hooked on the S.H.Figuarts line of figures, if there’s any in my price point (20-40 dollars, which is as far as I can justify it to my parents since I live with them…) Odd’s are, I’ll try and get it

See ya next time! ^_^ Link

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