Late to the Tokyo Game Show 2013: Ace Combat Infinity

TGS 2013 logo

Every child of the 80s surely remembers Top Gun. In fact, the best way to identify if someone is a child of the 80s is to go up to them and say, “I feel the need…”. If they replied with, “…the need for speed!”, highfive that person and proceed to walk away in a cool swagger while humming Kenny Loggins’ timeless classic, “Danger Zone”. Take pride in your heart that you have found a like-minded 80s child, and thus, a cool person.

If he or she calls the cop on you instead, flip them the bird: they’re probably a Belieber and not worth your time.

*girlish sigh, puts back of hand on forehead, faints*

*girlish sigh, puts back of hand on forehead, faints*

While we children of the 80s never did fulfill our childhood dream of becoming a fighter jet pilot (and for those of you who did, you can stop bragging now), Namco Bandai shared our pains and decided to give us the next best thing: the Ace Combat series. These games are the stuff that made all Top Gun devotees squeal like a love-struck preteen girl regardless of gender: large sprawling skies, intense aerial dogfights, and the opportunity to rain flaming death at your earthbound enemies while presumably cackling like a maniac. With each entry it’s easy to see why the fanbase is very loyal to the franchise, for they knew they can always count on Namco Bandai to deliver the goods.

And then “Assault Horizon” happened. And the shite hits the turbines. And oh how we wept!

It seems that Namco Bandai heard that as well, and like a good sport decided a return to form is in order. Well, in that case, there is only one thing left to say: apology accepted, Namco Bandai. Apology accepted.

Let’s never fight again, okay baby?

…wanna have some sexy time?

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