Life In Plastic: Mini-Review: Angry Birds Telepods (Angry Birds Star Wars II)


Hi, everybody! This is going to be in a slightly different format, because things like “articulation” and “accessories” aren’t part of the deal…


Skylanders opened the door to something that we should have seen a long time ago – buy a toy, scan the toy, and then PLAY AS THE TOY IN A VIDEO GAME. I have spent the last year or two seeing these things on the market and going, “HNNNGGGGG I SHALL RESIST.” My wallet thanks me, but :-(. And now Disney Infinity is doing the same thing, only more recognizable and expensive.


So, now Angry Birds has joined in the fun! Angry Birds Telepods will eventually expand to include all of their games, but their trial run is with Angry Birds Star Wars II, starting with the prequels. These toys are sold on their own, in large groups, or with pseudo-playsets. I bought this pack of six for $9.99, which makes each bird roughly $1.66 apiece.


“Telepods” are little rubber Angry Birds figures with a tiny QR code printed on their base. You play the selected Angry Birds game, put the Telepod on a magnifying glass stand, and place it over your Apple device’s camera, and… voila! That piece replaces whichever bird you had in the lineup.


It reminds me a little of Angry Birds’s first attempt at DLC – so, the game was 99 cents, but for 99 cents extra you could unlock the Mighty Eagle and blow things up as much as you wanted. Nowadays, you have to buy ammo for the extras… but the idea with a Telepod is that once you buy a bird, you’ve got it as long as you have the toy. Considering how bird-replacement isn’t always a benefit, it’s good that you don’t have to pay per use.


To use a Telepod, press the icon while playing Angry Birds Star Wars 2, center the figure on its base, and place it over the camera like so – it’s pretty hard to mess up, as the peg on the base only lets you orient the figure one way, and as long as the label faces you and you line up with the arrows, it’s good.


Notice how it does not work without the base.


Notice how it also does not work with non-Telepod Angry Birds.


Notice how it does not work with the demon lord Pazuzu.


So… hey… I know, it’s a guilty pleasure, I love Angry Birds, but these guys are fun. They’re soft rubber, the paint is decent, and you can buy your own catapult with little blocks if you feel like causing some destruction. Besides, the Grievous and Maul pigs are hilarious. So devious!


But of course, I have to ask the big question: When I’m not playing the game, are they still fun?  Well… yes.  Yes, they are.  And since the paint holds up under abuse, I can carry them with me to throw at, um… people.  And stuff.  Hey, I like ’em!  By the way, special BONUS QUESTION:  Did you spot the kitty cat?


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