Bill Nye – Best Alum or Best Alum?

The time: Friday morning

The place: Uris Library

The message: A photo of Bill Nye giving a lecture in Uris Hall

Cue fangirl squeals and frantic packing. I rushed across the street to get into the lecture hall where BILL NYE THE FREAKING SCIENCE GUY was talking about space exploration, Mars, and changing the world. The auditorium was packed! People kept streaming in as they got word of the lecture. He was visiting for the wedding of Carl Sagan’s granddaughter and spreading love and joy along the way.

Bill Nye giving an Astro 101 lecture at Cornell.

Bill Nye at Cornell from my crappy camera.

He’s probably most famous for his educational science show, Bill Nye the Science Guy. Bill’s also an author and the CEO of the Planetary Society. He makes media appearances discussing climate change, conservation, and science-y news. He helped develop a sundial and color calibration device included on Mars Exploration Rover missions. He has a Wikipedia page!!!!

And most importantly, he graduated from Cornell University.

So tell us – who’s the coolest-est alum from your school?

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