Late to the Tokyo Game Show 2013: Blazblue – Chrono Phantasma

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2D fighting game is a rare form of art these days. When everybody is trading up flat 2D sprites for sexier, rounder, fuller 3D models, 2D fighting games becomes so rare that any time one of them pops up they have to be creative to even have a frozen snowball chance in hell to compete with their realistically rendered rivals (try saying that three times fast!). Even Capcom, THE company to go to for fighting games, wusses out to cave in to the pressure and gave us a Street Fighter IV Super Ultra Hyper Bombastic Edition in glorious, eyepopping 2.5D, just so they don’t have to invest too much time in all this ‘creativity’ nonsense.

In order to make it to the shelves today, a 2D fighting game has to be: a) gorgeous to look at, b) offers a unique mechanic, and c) yet still easy enough for new players to get into. The Blazblue series added two more things into the mix: d) killer soundtrack, and e) batshit insanity.


More complex than King Lear. That is not a joke.

PUBLISHER: Arc System Works/Aksys Games

Of course, “killer soundtrack” and “batshit insanity” is pretty much expected at this point. After all, Blazblue is the brainchild of Daisuke Ishiwatari a.k.a. creator of Guilty Gear a.k.a. ‘The Guy Who Is Totally To Blame For Making Me Say “Bridget Is My Waifu!” Resulting In The Disgusted Looks Of Bystanders That Followed The Reveal That Bridget Was 15 Years Old AND A Boy .” As proven by the whole “dropping a Bridget” fiasco, Ishiwatari has always remained consistent with his plot and character designs as well as his music in that they are completely, and delightfully, unpredictable.

So with this latest entry in the series, what do Ishiwatari and Arc System Works have in store to surprise us with? Well…

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting…King Bastard of the Asshole Galaxy, The Sovereign of Shitheads and God of Troll himself…YUUKI TERUMI!

That’s right: the deliciously villainous Yuuki Terumi, the one person in the Blazblue universe that EVERYBODY wants to kick his stupid sneering face in, is finally playable! And just when you thought it was finally safe to play Blazblue again without worrying about his incredibly cheap moveset too!

Well-played, Arc System Works! Well-PLAYED!

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