“DreadOut” Is One Goddamn Scary Game!


Seriously, lady: you need a haircut!

Is “Silent Hill” too predictable? Does “Amnesia” not quite do it for you? Are you still looking for more ways to induce trauma upon yourself after a playthrough of “Outlast”? Well then look no further than “DreadOut”, which I think is Indonesian for “crap your pants explosively”.


That, or “really dark menu screen”. Our Indonesian isn’t very polished.

That’s right: it says “Indonesian” right up there in the previous sentence. Apparently the developers are trying to shake off the images of palm trees, idyllic island paradises, and Bali whenever you hear the word “Indonesia”, and start thinking of “freaky ghostly monsters in old abandoned villages out to super-murder me” from this point on. Because the game is just that damn scary, and I know that’s not saying much coming from a coward like me, but, but, ah dammit, just watch PewDiePie play the demo, okay?!

There are plenty of Fatal Frame influence here, and it’s nice to see that the developers cleverly adapted the mechanics of the Camera Obscura to that of a cellphone camera to reflect the improvements in real life tech. It is also nice to see that the developers are mean-spirited enough to put in a massive scare just when I thought it was safe to look at the screen again. Thanks guys, really appreciate that second heart attack. -sigh-

“Dreadout” is slated to be out Q4 of 2013, and the demo download links can be found via this Steam Greenlight page,you know, just in case you’re feeling like pooping in your pants yourself.

UPDATE: Nerditis have managed to arrange an exclusive interview with the developers of the game to be posted this week. Stay tuned!

5 responses to ““DreadOut” Is One Goddamn Scary Game!

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  2. i’am indonesian, this game is pretty scary but i still can handle it, everything you see in game, Ghost, Relic (Jenglot, Keris) its real stuff, you can found it in indonesia, even ghost, like kuntilanak and pocong (the most scary and legend ghost in indonesia)

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