CAPCOM Is Trying Very Hard To Be Friends Again

This shall forever be known as a symbol of bertrayal!

This shall forever be known as a symbol of betrayal!

CAPCOM have marked all of its games on Steam 50% to 75% off until October 14th. Now, that might sound like a good deal and all, but we here at the Nerditis game desk have been jilted by Capcom one too many times to even care right about now. I personally still carry a burning torch and pitchfork with a matching chainsaw for the brutal murder of Megaman committed by Capcom, and still don’t know if time could ever heal THAT particular wound.

And it seems I’m not the only one who felt the same: reported that in a recent interview with Game Informer for their November issue, Keiji Inafune stated the following when asked what he would do if Capcom were to grovel their way back into his good graces and ask to publish the successor to the Blue Bomber’s legacy, “Mighty No.9”:

“I would hear their terms. If they had the best terms, I would go with Capcom. There is no reason not to publish with Capcom, and I certainly don’t feel like there’s a reason that I have to publish with Capcom. Literally it would be a very cut-and-dried business negotiation. If they had the best terms, the logical businessman in me would say, “Yes, let’s go with them.”

He went on to further state the following:

“If Capcom came up with really great terms to make it a Mega Man game, then of course I would listen and that would be an option. But the base of this game is that we wanted to create something original. If they gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse, that would mean having to change the main character into Mega Man. On top of that, it would still have to be our IP, which is what we want. I can’t foresee that happening. We really want this to be our thing.”

" I Megaman or not?!"

“Sooo…am I Megaman or not?!”

See kids, this is what we call “between a rock and a hard place”. If CAPCOM was to agree to publish Mighty No.9, they’ll look like a bunch of putzes who needed to grovel their way back to Inafune in order to save their failing business model. If they were to pass and Inafune published the game somewhere else, they’ll look like idiots who don’t know gold if it came slapping them in the face.

Either way, we’ll be feasting on some delicious schadenfreude when the final decision came, and THAT is something we’ll gladly wait to unfold!

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