Comic Book Storytelling: series updates

Welcome back to Comic Book Storytelling.  I am your host the original DJRM.  I don’t have any special subject or reviews this week so I will be updating you on the past series that I have talked about.


The first is Guardians of the Galaxy.  In issue #6 Angela has come to the Marvel U and she is fighting Gamora and the rest of the Guardians and beating the crap out of them all.  Then Star Lord swoops in and one shots Angela and it just goes to show that this title has no business calling itself Guardians of the Galaxy, a more fitting title would be Star Lord and his incompetent sidekicks who were much better characters on their own.  However there is one thing this issue has going for it.  Star Lord starts off confronting Thanos and the mad titan delivers one of the best evil nihilist villain monologues ever, it is so unrelenting and evil that Star Lord fails in his attempt to snark at it and presumably just runs the hell away.


Red Sonja #4 by Gail Simone came out and it was pretty good.  The whole “Red Sonja is about to die” plot still feels like a detour from the main story but it promises to get back to the main action next issue.

I checked out Jupiter’s Legacy #3 and it just confirms that this story is stupid and Mark Millar’s most inferior work trying to benefit from superhero deconstruction tropes set up by better writers.

I still have not picked up another issue of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe because as far as I can tell She-Ra is still evil.  When that changes I will pick up another issue and let you know if it has improved.

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