The Northern Dead

Here we are folks; our first episode set us up for a great new season.  We open about 6-7 months from the events at the end of season three.  The prison group has set up a small utopia with government, farming, education and other comforts of home.  For all intensive purposes we have a good thing going here.  Even fan favourite Daryl has also drawn some love in this new group holding an almost cult like status amongst everyone.  Did anyone else notice the little rat-a-tat with carol?  Could this be a story line to expect through the season?

We follow three distinct story lines this episode, the first is Rick heading out into the woods to collect some animals caught in traps throughout the woods surrounding the prison.  One interesting note is prior to this trip Hershel warns Rick that he needs to head out into the woods with his gun which apparently he wasn’t doing.  As an aside this is an interesting point to note because Rick was a gun-ho guy in season three and if he doesn’t travel out into the land of walkers without a gun, does this mean he mellowed out since bringing the Woodbury group on board?  Anyway, he travels into the woods and comes across a gross, dishevelled woman named Clara (I figured she was a talking zombie which would’ve caused the internet to explode).  She wants into the prison but first she must answer three questions to determine if she is suitable to be brought in.  Clara brings Rick back to her campsite and attacks Rick saying that her friend’s head needs fresh meat.  Clara being crazy is stopped quickly but then kills herself.  She asks what the three questions are “How many walkers have you killed?”  “How many people have you killed?” And “Why?” Clara dies explaining to Rick that no matter what you have done in your past will never be washed away.  This has been a theme from the beginning of the series, no matter what happens you can never truly escape your past.

Our second storyline involves a trip out to the Big Sp!t which was also an old military outpost.  The crew sent out to do some collecting was Glenn, Daryl, Zach, Michonne, a guy whose name escapes me but he was a former army medic, Tyrese and his sister.  What the crew doesn’t know is a military chopper has crashed on the roof and there are a lot of walkers up there.  Our crew does get to see them when they crash hard through the roof creating havoc and lot of walker kills.  My favourite part is seeing the walker dangling from the ceiling from his entrails which is probably the best thing to see visually since the walker being yanked up from the well.  We lose Zach who was Beth’s boyfriend but when you see him introduced you know he wasn’t long for this world.  They return to the camp and we get an interesting glimpse into how Beth has changed as she does not seem to feel emotions like she has in previous seasons.

Our final story line is more of a season long arc.  There is a character who looks like Harry Potter and was the guy who geeks out on Daryl early in the episode.  Half way through the episode he started to come down with a sickness and the episode ends with this guy hacking and coughing in the communal shower and then dying only to rise in the final seconds as a walker.  Going into this season, the show runners have told us that the group will face a threat that isn’t walkers or anything that can be reasoned with, a virus would fit this bill.

Some other quick hits from the episode and season preview:

  • Michonne uses the prison as a home base for more lengthy trips out and while her motive is not really shown a brief snippet in the previews show she is actually looking for the Governor.
  •  Tyrese has found himself a love interest.  I’m wondering how long this one will last?
  • Carol has decided that instead of sheltering the kids from the walker world, she is educating the kids by teaching them knife techniques.  This is something no one else in the prison is aware of which I find a little strange but i’m sure as the group gets wind of it, it will cause some friction.
  • Did anyone else notice that they lingered on the dead pig a little too long and combine that with our patient zero, I think we know where the virus started.
  • I knew the second we met Clara that nothing good was going to come from it, anyone else feel that?

Well folks that has been “30 Days without Incident”.  I really enjoyed this opener as I like the tone set for the rest of the season.  We’re going to get a great blend of action and some character development so which worked in the latter half of season 2.  Enough about what I think, now it’s your turn, hit the comments to let me know what you thought of the episode and where you think the new season is heading!  See you next week on The Northern Dead.

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