A Sad Day For Dog Watchers Everywhere

Disappointment. Thy name is Watch Dogs.

Disappointment. Thy name is Watch Dogs.

Ubisoft has just posted on their blog that the highly anticipated “Watch Dogs” will indeed be delayed until Spring 2014. The post, claimed to be coming straight from the development team, said that they “…struggled with whether we would delay the game. But from the beginning, we have adopted the attitude that we will not compromise on quality. As we got closer to release, as all the pieces of the puzzle were falling into place in our last push before completion, it became clear to us that we needed to take the extra time to polish and fine tune each detail so we can deliver a truly memorable and exceptional experience.”

Maybe they got hacked? That'll be SO meta!

Maybe they got hacked? That’ll be SO meta!

The official word is always that they wanted to make a better game, but let’s also not forget that the juggernaut that is Grand Theft Auto V was still pretty fresh in the market. A flipside to this story could be that Ubisoft doesn’t want to compete with Rockstar’s homegrown monstrosity and risk losing money on this (seemingly) high investment project. So, they opted for a “dead zone” launch in Spring, where no other monster competitor would be around to nick their precious dollars.

Eh, whatever! At least we’re still getting AssCred: Pirate Fantasy this month, right Ubisoft? Right?

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