Figure Photo of the Day: Rahab (Read the Description)


Rahab, by ridureyu

Something that confuses a lot of people is how Rahab – the woman from Jericho – was a good person and part of Jesus’s lineage, whereas Job, Isaiah, and the Psalms mention God “crushing Rahab,” who is “the enemy” and “An evil serpent.”

Well, they’re not the same! Rahab, literally meaning “the Proud One,” is also the name of a legendary demon in Ancient Israel’s folklore. Rahab is a proud and arrogant sea dragon that lives in the Nile, and represents that body of water as well as Egypt as a whole. In poetry, it sometimes represents pride and proud people (as in Job), or Egypt (as in Isaiah and the Psalms). That’s the confusion, between a defector to Israel and the Evil Spirit of the Nile.

Oddly, this toy – released by Demon’s Chronicle – does not resemble any traditional descriptions of Rahab, instead looking exactly like a piece of 1500s artwork of the Sea Monk cryptid! Sea Monks were creatures spotted by sailors… and probably squids, but the idea was that even the ocean has priests and monks. See also The Bishop Fish, which is quite related. I might do a picture of this thing as the Sea Monk sometime.

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