Nerdy Moment of Awesome: 75 years of Superman


Has it been that long? Wow.

So, I sort of love Superman. Lots. Amazing amounts. So to see something from both Zack Snyder and Bruce Timm makes me love this even more.

It shows how Snyder’s innate grasp of visuals, pared with someone who gives a damn about the character of Superman, can take something as boring as a corporate statement (which, lets not kid ourselves, this is all the video is) and truly make it soar. 

Can Goyer be kept in film writer jail* for a while whilst Bruce Timm takes his place please?

Well thats another Nerdy Moment of Awesome. Sorry its been so long guys. I’ve been off elsewhere rather busy. Shall try keep the pace up from now of. Lapses will happen, but they will be minimal.

See you (hopefully) next week.

*Yes, I have Opinions on Man of Steel.

2 responses to “Nerdy Moment of Awesome: 75 years of Superman

  1. I am gonna salute to this video not because I like superman (never liked him) but because of how many artists and writers have devoted theirs lives to keep such a legend going OWO *salute*

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