Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: OMFG Series 3 (October Toys)


In 2010, October Toys pioneered a new idea – use Kickstarter to fund a fan-designed, fan-created toy line! The Outlandish Mini Figure Guys (OMFG), a tribute to MUSCLE. Design ideas were submitted on the October Toys forum, then voted on by members, and then put up for Kickstarter funding. That way, indy toy artists have a new way to show off their goods, and fans get more toys. In case you haven’t figured it out, this is an awesome idea.


Series 1 was a smash hit, though Series 2 was much less well-received. Even I admit that it had… issues in its final designs. There were some controversy over voting as well, but I am not knowledgeable enough to make a statement on that. Thus, Series 3 had its work cut out for it – Series 2 wasn’t selling, and the controversy and fighting started early. There was even a tie for fifth-place, with vicious arguments over the outcome. One of the figures got altered a lot from its original design. And, you know, internet feuding. But it managed to reach its Kickstarter goal, and went into production. Series 4 looks like it could be good, but we’ll see when it goes up for donations.  But this is about Series 3, not 2 or 4 –  so why don’t we review Series 3, and see for ourselves?


Series 3 contains:

Barbariannaut, designed by Charles Marsh

Doctor Decay, designed by Jonathan Wojcik

Pugnacious, designed by Bill MacKay

TenCan, designed by Richard Brown, Nikolos Sardos, and Bryan Fulk

Fruit Punch, designed by Scott Tolleson


It also comes with a special sixth figure – Zombie Pheyden, sculpted by George Gaspar and meant as a tribute to Onell Designs’s Pheyden character. This figure is not technically OMFG, and is instead OTMFG – “October Toys Mini Figure Guys” – similar to Baby Deadbeet from Series 2. Although Zombie Pheyden is made in the same batch as the OMFG figures, it will generally be sold separately. However, the figure was included as a bonus in the Kickstarter – in standard flesh and Kickstarter-exclusive black. I got two sets of each, which is my usual pattern. So… let’s talk Outlandish Mini Figure Guys!



OMFG figures come in a little blister pack meant to evoke old MUSCLE packaging… and the nostalgia works on me. YAY! They also have art of the characters, with credit listed in small print on the packaging. But yay, Nostalgia! The Zombie Pheyden comes in a little baggie.


SCULPT: Barbariannaut, Zombie Pheyden: ****, Doctor Decay, Fruit Punch, Pugnacious: ***1/2, TenCan: ***

Barbariannaut reminds me a lot of He-Man, for reasons that should really be obvious to everybody. The Barbarian Spaceman is just… he’s a Barbarian Spaceman. What more needs to be said? His sculpt is one of the most-detailed in the whole line, but since the most-detailed figure – Multiskull – was sculpted by the same guy, this comes as no surprise. His schizophrenic theme means I have to pose him in a combination dungeon-space port, no matter what!  And man, if I’ve ever thought I’d seen a He-Man tribute before, this guy has it beat.


Doctor Decay is a Bogleech monster.  He is about as Bogleech as a monster could be. And hey, I love that site! I also seriously love this figure, although I must admit that it is the most pre-posed of the group, and it looks “flat” when viewed from the side. Apart from that, Doctor Decay is a terrifying creature – one part skeleton, one part fungus. Perhaps the fungus controls the bones, and the host corpse is just its vehicle? And what about that staff?


Fruit Punch almost became my Halloween costume. That said, he’s like half the size of the other figures, and his diminutive nature is probably why we’re getting Zombie Pheyden. This guy is tiny! He was originally imagined as a milk cartoon, but then changed to a juice box – a decision that brought down a ton of ire from fans, though I think it fits the pun more. Besides, a carton would have looked way too much like something out of that Milk & Cheese comic.


Pugnacious’s original art looked terrible, but the final figure is a huge improvement… if you’re fine with nipple rings. He’s the most MUSCLE-esque of the figures, in pose as well as concept, even if he is fairly taller. I’ll be honest, I ended up liking Pugnacious a lot more than I thought I would. And if you hate pugs, he does kind of look like a bulldog now, so there’s that.


TenCan’s concept art looked great, but I found this figure’s execution to be the most lacking. The shape feels odd, its eye is under-detailed, and its peg leg and top-heavy shape makes it extremely unstready on its feet. This is unfortunate, as the concept is great, and there are good things about the sculpt – it just isn’t as good as it could be. Purely on its own, I could see this being a really good indy figure or even something mass-released, but it looks out of place when compared with the rest of this set.


Zombie Pheyden is the tallest of the group (and he towers over Baby Deadbeet!), though he isn’t as big as the actual Glyos Pheyden. Also, if you remove a few of his zombie features, you can see that he is indeed more detailed than the regular Pheyden. Is this a bad thing? NO! This figure is awesome! And if you’re not a Glyos fan (Glyos fans are rabid! They bite!), think of it this way – Zombie Mega Man. This is a toy of Zombie Mega Man. Why would anybody not want one of those?


PAINT: ****

The thing with OMFG is, the basic color is MUSCLE Flesh. Black is a Kickstarter-exclusive color, and any other color will come from separate retailers or the artists themselves. Series 1 came in a ton of colors, Series 2 a few less. I don’t know exactly who will be carrying Series 3, although Little Rubber Guys has put their green figures up for sale. Zombie Pheyden will likely pop up every month.



Don’t be silly.  Not even Zombie Pheyden has articulation – which, considering how well-articulated Glyos figures are, is almost a surprise.



This isn’t that kind of toy line.


VALUE: ****

Here we go with the same thing I say every time I review Ironhaus stuff – for an “independent” toy line, $15 for a pack of 5 is awesome! And for me, it was $15 for 6. I am going to guess that Zombie Pheyden on his own will be something like $5, which is still a pretty good deal.



Nothing comes to mind. These figures are made of sturdy, flexible PVC. I suppose that some of the glued-in parts, like TenCan’s lid, might come loose, but that’s about it.



Series 3 will be regularly available in Flesh color at October Toys. Other premium colors come from other sites – currently, Little Rubber Guys is selling Green. Zombie Pheyden will be sold fairly regularly on October Toys, likely monthly.



I must say, OMFG Series 3 is a good return to form. Series 1 was awesome, Series 2 didn’t do much for me, but I looked forward to Series 3, and really enjoyed it. Here’s hoping for Series 4… and here’s REALLY hoping that 5 and beyond will continue to be this good!


Now, these figures aren’t REALLY MUSCLE-esque – for one thing, they are all too large (except for Fruit Punch). But the scale is close enough to work, and the toys function nicely on their own. Besides, I dare somebody to dress as Fruit Punch for Halloween. Come on, go try it.


8 responses to “Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: OMFG Series 3 (October Toys)

  1. Hey! Thanks for checking out OMFG and posting about them! Glad to see you are enjoying your mini figures 🙂

    Some quick comments…

    “October Toys has officially stated that, for Series 5, there will be no voting on designs, and the winning toys will be chosen by committee.”

    Although the voting system will change slightly for series 5, every series of OMFG will still be decided by community voting. Only in rare situations (i.e. ties, production/license issues, etc. will a committee be involved regarding the voting results).

    “They also have art of the characters, which is nice, though I wish they added artist credits somewhere.”

    All artists are credited on the back of the package. Did we miss someone?

    “Zombie Pheyden will be sold fairly regularly on Little Rubber GUys, likely monthly.”

    Zombie Pheyden, like all other OTMFG, will only be available directly from October Toys 🙂

    Finally, if anyone ever ends up going as Fruit Punch for Halloween, please please send pictures! We (including the designer Scott Tolleson) would absolutely love to see that!

    Keep up the great work and remember to take it out and play with it!

    • Thanks, Aileen!

      1. Thanks for the info! The description made it seem like it is going to be decided by committee. I’ll edit that soon.

      2. I’ll check the packaging again, but they don’t seem to be credited with the art.

      3. I could have sworn I typed “October Toys.” Thanks for catching the error!

      4. Maybe next year – this year is Uncle Gilbert.

  2. why the hate for series 2? I bought 3 sets at the time, like i did for series 1 (one to pen, the second one to customize and the last one to displaying it in package) and I love them. We need a series 2 and 3 glow in the dark!!!

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