Comic Book Storytelling: Guardians of the Galaxy #7

Welcome back to Comic Book Storytelling, and yes you are getting two installments this week.  Something has been bothering me about the Guardians of the Galaxy series for some time now.  After taking another look at issue #7 I have finally figured out what it is.  I also want to take a moment to thank everyone at Nerditis and especially those I consulted with before posting this.


Angela was introduced to the Marvel U in the pages of GotG.  Last issue they fought her and now they have captured her.  It turns out she is from a place called Heven that has some yet unrevealed connection to Earth.  Anyway the Guardians let her go because she didn’t actually do anything wrong before they picked a fight with her.  Star Lord and Tony Stark pretty much lead the whole issue as they have led the series and that is the problem.  Guardians of the Galaxy is presented as a team book.  When I started reading it I was expecting a team book.  Instead what we are getting is a hero and his sidekicks book.  The hero is Peter Quill the Star Lord and he is paired with the more well known Tony Stark and then they work with a bunch of sidekicks.  This series is not Guardians of the Galaxy, its the adventures of Star Lord and Iron man in space with some aliens for company.  When you take into account that these are both white men and their sidekicks are a diverse group of colorful aliens it almost takes on some old school racist overtones.  I don’t know if they are intending to call back to the old sci-fi pulp era but they are doing it in the worst way possible.  Now some will say that it can’t really be considered racist when there are no real ethnic groups represented, if anything I would say that just makes it more so.  The other Guardians races involve green skin, wood, and fur, those may not represent any real world ethnicity but together they represent a diverse team and a series that should be exploring those themes.  Instead that diversity is taking a back seat in favor of a story about two white guys, and frankly we already have plenty of stories about that.

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