Halloween Special: Cats and Recipes

Even if you don’t have cooking skills, you can still admire these adorable, delicious looking kitties.

The Healthy Cat

Veggie cat is full of crunch.

Veggies and dip, sprawled all over your coffee table.

This one actually doesn’t require any cooking. The recipe uses only fresh vegetables and black bean dip. Get the recipe at Spoonful: http://spoonful.com/recipes/black-bean-cat-crudites

What Is CandiQuik Anyways?

CandiQuik Coating sounds dubious, but the results make for a pretty picture.

This recipe teaches you how to make these small cupcake toppers using a ziploc bag and melted CandiQuick Coating.


Watching You

Hey there. How’s it going?

These Jello.com eyes look so professional! They’re made from gelatin, red grape wedges, tonic water and water minus tonic. Pretty simple in terms of ingredients, right?

They take a little prep and cooling time, so make them well in advance of any parties you might be hosting!

Do you have top-secret family recipes for Halloween? I sure don’t! Who has time for cooking when there’s candy to be collecting?!

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