Apparently, Grand Theft Auto V Was Too Much For Japan…

Really, Japan? Really?

Really, Japan? Really?

…that Kotaku’s own Richard Eisenbeis reported that in the Japanese version of Grand Theft Auto V, several things had to be toned down. The video that he recorded for comparison purposes can be found here:

And on that note, I’m very conflicted about Japan’s general attitude when handling mature subjects in their video games. On the one hand, they managed to tone down a game that is just DRIPPING with debauchery that very clearly embodied the “‘Murica! FUCK YEA!!” attitude in its entirety, and gave us a rather tasteful version that is now more focused on the crime drama aspect of it all.

On the other hand, they also gave us a beat-em-up game where you literally knock the pants off of your opponents. I, just, WHAT THE HELL, JAPAN?!

I need a drink.

Just another day in Los Santos...

Just another day in Los Santos…

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