Bored? Try Killing Some Zombies On Your Smart Phone!

Artistic blood splatter is SO 1999!

Artistic blood splatter is SO 1999!

In the spirit of Samhain, oh I’m sorry, I meant Halloween, here is “Dead Trigger 2”, a mobile zombie-slaying first-person shooter for your smart phones. You know, something to channel your rage when your boss decided to saddle you up with some overtime come this Thursday because proper adults apparently don’t celebrate Halloween since, apparently, “it’s a children’s holiday”. Yeah, right, Jim: why don’t you take that line and shove it up your ass, hmm?

Looks pretty straight-forward enough: find the zombie, shoot the zombie, repeat ad-infinitum. There’s a variety of guns to choose from and a team battle option via network, but other than the epic-scale boss battles, I don’t see anything else that-is that a bunch of chickens with rockets on their backs and one with an automatic gun turret?




iTunes Download:

Google Play Download:

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