Halloween Special: Letter to Cthulu!Santa

Children, Halloween is my favorite holiday. So instead of waiting for Christmas to roll around, I’ll share my wishlist now! In no particular order:

Tentacle Kitty

Tentacle Kitty plush is the squiggliest.

Tentacle Kitty just want to hug you. Huuuuug nya!

People call me a tentacle monster. But all I want is a friend. I try to hug people, but they always run away… Especially school girls… still not sure why.

Well, I am new to this world, and I’m in a strange place called Houston, Texas. I have seen lots of new things that don’t make a lot of sense to me, but I am learning.

Birthday: Dec 14th 2009 Favorite

Food: Cotton Candy Mice

Favorite Pastime: Hugging

(Source: http://www.tentaclekitty.com/sample-page/)

Tentacle Kitty Plush is on sale here for $29.99.

Fork You Shirt from Github

Github is a popular code hosting site that makes it easier to organize group projects and share your work and it’s mascot is the ever adorable Octocat. It’s really more than that, but today the only thing I care about is throwing hypothetical money at them!

Cute and rude! How perfect for the season.

And a cute way to let people know where to find you.

Fork You shirt is $22 for sizes S through XL and $24 mens 2X and 3X. for Really anything from shop.github.com would do (especially Octocat stuff)…

Welcome to Night Vale

There are lots of things I’d give money to Welcome to Night Vale for, other than the continuation of their lovely work.

Bumper Stickers

Strengthen any object with these powerful stickers. Not rated to protect vehicles from spontaneous combustion or gravity event. (Source: Item description)

For my imaginary car. $10.50 worth of car.

Eternal Scout Patch

The ceremony is complete and the clean-up process has begun. Now that you have reached the ultimate Scout level, you have earned the right to don this special patch. Forever. (Source: Item description)

$6 on Night Vale’s Topatoco store.

Cecil and Carlos Shirt

Perfect Carlos. Perfect Cecil. Everything is perfect and nothing could ever possibly go wrong. (Source: Item description)

On pre-order for $21 now! It should ship around the end of October and will be available until December 31. I WANT THIS. PLEASE FEED MY INNER SHIPPER.

It hungers.

Black Milk Clothing

They make some really cool stuff about some pretty popular nerdy properties. These two are reasonable Halloweeny!

Lookie them organs… Yum.

$90 AUD from Black Milk Clothing.

Black Milk Clothing Galaxy Green Suspenders

Good bye life savings…

These 4 metal clip suspenders look like shorts with suspender clips built in, which is pretty neat. Potentially uncomfortable and wedgie inducing, but really neat looking. Unfortunately, the only size left is L, which wouldn’t fit me : {. But perhaps someone else can enjoy them and their magnificent colors! $99AUD at Black Milk Clothing.

The HypnoCube

What a shiny, shiny cube.

What a shiny, $119 cube from Edmund Scientifics

And yes, I completely avoided Think Geek. Too mainstream.

What would you ask Cthulu!Santa to bring you? Sit on his betentacled lap. There’s a good child.

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