The Northern Dead

Welcome to a great third episode in the new season of The Walking Dead.  And that was a fantastic open probably since Clear from last season.  Fans of the comic book were probably waiting for this moment as Tyrese and Rick finally had the physical confrontation.  Tyrese was upset that everyone was fluffing off the murder of his girlfriend and both sides came to blows and what was probably some pent-up rage as both were clearly emotionally and physically drained.

The flu spreading through the prison has hit the place hard with many of the remaining prisoners suffering from the mysterious disease.  We learn that not only is our new medical doctor ill but Sasha (which will only mentally drain Tyrese) and then during the Council meeting Glenn is starting to come down with this illness.  It is decided during this Council meeting that all “at risk” people will be placed into the Administration Building and anyone suffering from even the sniffles will be placed into A block.  The second decision made is that Daryl will mount a group to collect antibiotics from a vet school about 50 miles away.

Tyrese and Rick round two comes and is a more verbal spat but Tyrese basically demands that Rick find out who killed Karen or he would begin his investigation which would appear to involve a lot of stink eying people and giving everyone the willies.  But following a discussion with his ill sister, Tyrese decides that he would be better served to join the group on the medication run rather than “standing watch” over his sister in A block.

Carol got a big character push this episode with some great scenes where her character is fleshed out a little more first, we see her cool, calm demeanour when she sent her newly “adopted” daughter into A block after all she said was she was starting to not feel well.  Then we see her begin to show signs of the emotional strain she cares as the sort of defacto mother figure to a lot of the people within the prison.  Following a promise given to Tyrese, you see she takes the emotional weight and gives in an outburst by dumping some clean water.  Third we see her take risks by travelling outside the fence to try to clean the water intake. And finally, we discover it was Carol who orchestrated the murder and burning of Karen and David.  I love that they have taken this turn with her character as she needed to be fleshed out more than just a sideline character.

The episode ends on this huge bomb with Rick discovering that Carol was the murderer at the site.  But that wasn’t the only things that were left hanging, Daryl’s group has suffered a setback on their run for the medication as they encountered a mega herd and needed to abandon their vehicle which sets the return back to the prison back which may lace the site at risk.  Hershel, against protests from Rick and Maggie, heads into A Block thinking that he will not get sick but that is crushed when our sick doctor coughs blood all over Hershel.  So now all of our medical staff is at risk of being dead.  Perhaps the council should have made a decision to not send them into harm’s way.

Some quick hits from this episode:

  • Rick continues to trust Carl by giving him the green light to use his weapon as necessary.
  • Hershel and Carl going out and encountering walkers was pretty interesting to show that while Carl has resumed some responsibility, he needs to learn how to make decisions a little better.
  • Tyrese’s decent into madness mirrors Rick’s from last season following the death of Lori.
  • Hershel also received quite the push in character this episode that was not really their last season but was front and centre in season 2.
  • Previews for next week show that despite the bomb that Carol murdered people, Rick and Carol will be teaming up to get medication for the prison.  Which makes me wonder why that wasn’t the plan from the beginning? I wonder if Rick makes the call thus assuming control in the prison.
  • While Daryl and his crew are in the car they overhear some chatter on FM radio.  We’re not really sure what is going on there but personally it is a set up for the mid-season finale.
  • Marilyn Manson on Talking Dead was the most confusing, bizarre and blowhard person since Todd MacFarlene who was on last season.

Well folks that has been “Isolation”.  A lot of character who were previous on the sideline received great pushes and this is setting up to be an absolutely exciting season with lots of different storylines to follow and a lot of zombie killing action!  Hit the comments to let me know what you thought of the episode and where you think the prison group is headed and what do you think will happen to our group on the medicine run.   See you next week on The Northern Dead.

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One response to “The Northern Dead

  1. Carol is the most interesting character now in my opinion. She (probably) isn’t safe to have in the group, but right now there isn’t much Rick can do about it. It would blow over if either Carol or Tyreese don’t make it back to the prison, but honestly, I hope that doesn’t happen.

    Anyway, good stuff! Please check out my own latest blogpost about the episode if you are interested!

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