This Certainly Made My Day

Just seeing this logo makes me want to laugh!

Just seeing this logo makes me feel good!

Don’t know about you folks, but we here at Nerditis love us some cartoons. Some would choose “Gravity Falls” for its unique blend of comedy and mystery. Some would choose “My Little Pony” because Bronies are apparently a thing. Some would choose “Adventure Time” because apparently they’re high on something. But we at the Nerditis game desk chose “The Amazing World of Gumball”.

Why? Well, sometimes it’s because of how clever the writers slip in jokes that only adults would get, but sometimes, it’s little things like this:

That’s right: that is a parody of Street Fighter II. Specifically, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, what with the way Gumball finishing Dawin off with a Super Combo. And this isn’t the first time they did a parody of an iconic piece of pop culture like this, either: one episode blatantly parodies “The Usual Suspects”, with youngest sibling Anais taking on the Keyser Soze role and had the entire Waterson family playing straight into her scheming hands, Kill Bill-style kung fu fight sequence and all.

Now, we’re all mostly bitter, jaded old-er, we mean “mature”, people around here, and very little can bring us joy and glee. But even we have to admit, watching this show, episode by episode, has filled us with so much joy that it brought some kind of warmth to the cold dark void where our hearts used to be. If that doesn’t prove how brilliant the show is, nothing will ever do!

I want to be a part of THIS family so much more than MY OWN family!

I want to be a part of THIS family so much more than MY OWN family!

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