Zombies Hate Kung Fu


OK, I know what you’re thinking.” Zombies and Kung Fu? They’re too stiff to pull off a good round kick, and even if they did their leg would fall off!” Well, it ain’t that. It’s a Graphic Novel, or it will be if you help.

Once upon a time there was a movie called Kung Fu Zombie. This isn’t that either (hey, I should review that movie!). It’s better. It’s a Kickstarter campaign to get a new graphic novel off the ground that combines two great tastes that taste great together. If you’ve read this far you’ve already guessed.

The twist is that the Kung Fu in this book is going to be real. That’s right – Author Ricky-Marcell Pitcher has lined up the skills of a certified Kung Fu master and actual fight choreographer, Leo Au Yeung to make the fight scenes real with the help of artist David Velasquez. The plan is to insert very real fight choreography into the book, which should make Michone a little jealous, methinks.

The story looks pretty compelling, with some interesting variations on the usual Zombie theme mentioned in the video over at the Kickstarter page. I suggest taking a look, and seeing what you think.

Also, there’s the possibility for swag if you support the project, which seems very reasonable to me.

Full disclosure though, I used to run the Zombie Anti-Defamation League, and we might just have to come out of retirement if we think the Zombies are being treated unfairly….

In the meantime, this looks like a fun and worthy project, and I suggest you go check it out.



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