Kung Fu Zombie

Now that all the kids are in bed, and the candy is gotten, the costumes put away, it’s time for the adults to play. So grab a brew and watch Kung Fu Zombie!

Kung Fu Zombie is a film from 1982, and it’s pretty darn fun if I do say so my self. And I do.

It features Kung Fu that both Jackie Chan and Sam Raimi would be proud of. You’ll understand when you watch it.

The story is funny and engaging, as we follow the antics of a priest who can only be described as Micky Dolenz (he’s the one in the hat) doing a James Cagney impression. Micky/James/Priest is coerced into resurrecting the corpses for the purpose of getting revenge on a young fighter with some of the worst Daddy issues I’ve ever seen. Seems he broke up a robbery some time ago.

Dad on the other hand is older and afraid that a rival clan will get revenge on his family, so he trains his son relentlessly in Kung Fu. Sadly, he has a heart condition and not long to live.

The criminal who hires Micky/James/Priest meets an untimely end at his own hands it must be said, and as a ghost tries to find a new body to inhabit with the help of Micky/James/Priest.

This leads to what might be the only Kung Fu Boob Beating that I’ve ever seen.

Seriously. The tavern scene. Kung Fu Boob Beating.

You need to watch this now.

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