The Northern Dead

Welcome to a powerful fourth episode in the new season of The Walking Dead.  Where should we even begin?  There is so much to cover so let’s just get into it.  We open with Rick preparing for a run into the closest town to pick up medical supplies and food.  Carol has been selected to go with him but only because Rick decided that Carol, following the reveal that she killed Karen and the other guy in cold blood, states she cannot be trusted alone so he wants to be close to her.  Carol also takes this time to talk to her adopted kid about leaving and she needs her to be strong.  Carol takes this time to mention that everyone changes and all of them need to change in this new world.  I think this moment provides us with an inside look into the mind of Carol in this new season.  She has been a darker character this season for sure.

The other half of the episode we see how Daryl, Tyrese, Michonne and our alcoholic medic.  They make a stop at a gas station where they discover a vehicle that they need to get going but we are treated to a great zombie fighting scene in an old gas station.  The fight is on through the brush and we see that Tyrese is still fighting some demons from the death of Karen as Michonne points out that he is angry and making stupid decisions.  We also learn more about the medic and his alcohol demons; he blames himself for the attack in the first episode but Daryl, brings him back down and says it was everyone’s problem.  The group in the end get a new car which should help the group get back to the prison faster because if they drag their trip out even further then more people will probably die.

Back to Rick and Carol, they begin the search through the homes looking for supplies where they come across two hippies and you believe they will be joining the group given the fact that Rick has issued the three questions but if you know anything, I really doubted we would see either one of these two to make it out of this episode alive.  But what makes this interesting here is that Rick and Carol continue to debate whether what she did was right in killing two people to save the group when not all the facts were in and she made a unilateral decision.  Rick believes what she did was wrong but Carol takes this time to remind Rick that he was a great leader and that he should no longer be a “farmer” anymore.  I loved this scene because you can almost see Rick’s wheel turning about whether Carol is a benefit or a liability to the group.

Back to the group, they have made their way to the vet school and they have been able to get all the medical supplies they need.  We even see our medic appear to pick up books on pathology and other medical text books thinking he will brush up on his skills as the regular medic is going to probably die from the flu.  The group then attempts to make their way out but they run into a group of walkers, all suffering from the disease that is going on at the prison.  It is interesting to see the infected happen so far away from the prison.  It makes me wonder how far does this infection go?!?  But the interesting ending to this story line is our medic friend has been discovered to repeat his demons with the bottle as he nearly lost his life trying to protect a bottle of whiskey.  Daryl then tells the medic that all ties are severed and that he will “beat his ass to the ground should he drink before giving out medicine.”

We end the episode with Rick and Carol.  As predicted by me half way through the episode, Ana, the hippy girl was killed by walkers following an attempt to collect fruit for the group to bring back to the prison.  Unfortunately we did not get to see what happened to her boyfriend, Sam, because Rick and Carol had some pretty serious business to discuss.  Rick made a decision to banish Carol from the prison.  He explained that Carol made a decision that means she cannot be trusted.  Not with Tyrese, not with the rest of the group and not even with himself and his family.  He tells Carol she will do just fine on her own and tells her never to come back to the prison.  She jumps into a car and off she goes.  What a super strong way to end this episode.  All season, we have built Carol up as a stronger character and now we get to see if she will continue to be strong.  I don’t believe this will be the last we see of her and I know she will be back sooner rather than later.  Did anyone else notice Rick’s face as he was on the road back to the prison?  To me I think we see the first signs of regret in this decision.

  • Lizzy gave off the creepy vibes at the start of the episode especially when she talked about how walkers turn and they become different and as she grows up then she will become different.  This type of sympathetic opinion to walkers leads me to believe she may be the one responsible for the feeding of the walkers from earlier this season.
  • From the opening scenes, I wondered what was going with Rick as he seemed to have this bizarre look to him and his intentions were probably no good from the beginning.
  • Michonne has made the decision to not go out looking for the Governor but how long will that stay?  I have a feeling once the issues at the prison subside, she will return to her old ways.
  • I’m pretty sure a lot of ovaries exploded when Daryl turned into the badass with his threats.
  • Again, Rick is showing that he wants to return to the leader role within the prison by making his decision to boot Carol.
  • Carol gave Rick a watch belonging to her ex-husband.  Was this Carol trying to release herself from her old life?  Or do you think she was giving an offering to Rick as a sign of “no hard feelings”?
  • Previews of next week show everyone returning to the prison in one piece but nothing that discusses what everyone thinks about Carol not coming back.
  • This week’s Talking Dead made up for last week’s debacle that was Marilyn Manson.  Wrestler and now YouTube star Chris Jericho was a great guest!

Well folks that has been “Indifference”.  Carol being banished I think has advanced Rick back to his old ways and I bet we will see Rick treat The Counsel and others more as a puppet master with puppets then as a guy staying on the sidelines.  Carol will return but will she be a spurned lover or will she ask for forgiveness after seeing how harsh the outside world can be.   Hit the comments to let me know what you thought of the episode and where you think the prison group is headed and what do you think will happen to our group once the medicine makes its way to the prison.   See you next week on The Northern Dead.

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